Sunday, 31 January 2016

New studio makeover!

I'm back!! 

Moving house was an epic journey, we finished moving the last bit of furniture at 1.30am! the removal van was 3 hours late, we was totally shattered, its only just starting to lift a week later!

Anyway we have managed to get the living room straight, I just need to hang curtains I finished today up, the kitchen is almost sorted but most importantly.......

I want to share my studio/craftroom at our new home, I am so, in awe. I am so grateful, for so many years I have wanted and desired a room of my own to work from, I have in the past, used the dining room table or on my knee in the living room and have had to clear everything away (sometimes in the middle of a flow) to serve dinner etc. I have asked the universe for a wonderful room full of girly essence to create in for 7 years. Today one of my biggest dreams came true, I got to paint in my very own space. I feel so very lucky and thankful each time I walk in. The magic that will be created in here will be awesome, I know it! 

 I still have some more unpacking to do and Mr Delightful is using part of it as his temporary office, just until his office room is all decorated and ready, so after that I have a pine dresser to put in and fill with magic potions. I also have a painting table, perfect for workshops and messy playing, to pop in the middle of the room. 

Dreams do come true, you just got to believe and look for the signs and make steps towards your dreams.

Love Dotty xx


abigail irvine said...

ooh dotty i love your studio and i love the girly colour that you have painted so many blessings to you
love and light

jennifer devers said...

Looks beautiful!