Wednesday, 26 October 2011

and now he is 14....

An open letter to my lovely middle boy,

 your clever, tidy, very artistic, sensible and adore your xbox 360 like there is nothing else in existence,
your helpful and a good listener, how did you become 14 already?
I remember those long days of endless crying as a baby when nothing was wrong, your lovely smile and full cheeks, your gorgeous blond curls and then as you grew you turned into a most lovely boy, always great at school, full of life, loved sports and had lots of friends. Your now nearly grown up (as you tell me) and push the boundaries sometimes as teens do but I wouldn't change a single thing about you my lovely, I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday, we had lots of fun bowling and ate the most delish bolagnaise. I still can't believe your 14! Crazy how time goes so fast, I hope you enjoy the next 14 as you have done the last, here's to you my sweet, love mum xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Running with scissors, what a book!

I LOVE READING, I don't mention how much I read on here really and I don't know why, the thing is, I get a book and in two days I have read it and move onto the next, I am an author groupie who devours every book every written by a good author. I love crime, horror, true life and factual books, I used to read loads of chick lits when I was single but they don't appeal anymore. I love Richard Laymon and have read all of his work, unfortunately he died so I can't get hold of anymore. I loved in a weird way the Dave Pelzer series of true life books even though his story was a harrowing one it was also a story of a courageous and inspiring man. I'm always on the look out for a new book, I choose books by whether the cover grabs my attention, then I read the first page to see if the style of writing gets my attention and makes me want to read more. I don't read the blurb on the back, I don't like to read the critics reviews either because what appeals to one may not appeal to another, actually that's why I probably haven't posted on here about the books I read because I'm not sure about recommending them to others but the other day I read running with scissors, what an interesting, twisted childhood Augusten (the author) had, it made me laugh out loud, it made me squirm, it made me think hard about life and the way different people live and think it's normal (or not). It is a memoir but written in a story like way, there are some rather strange bits in like the Dr who thinks his turds are messages from god and the dysfunction house where patients live with their shrink and his children but overall it makes a brilliant read, I did have to keep reminding myself this was someones actual life, it seems like a story you would dream up only with the help of good drugs. If I'm aloud to recommend a book then it's this one. I got so engrossed in Augusten's life I needed more so when I asked at the library whether he had written any more books I was overjoyed to find he had and I promptly checked out his next memoir

"Dry", I'm only a few pages in and can't wait for bed time to read more. Whist looking up info about him I also realised he is rather hot!!
What are you reading?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday blah blah fed up

It's Saturday, a day where normally I feel great at the prospect of a lovely day doing something good, my fellow is either at or watching football, my boys spend time on there xboxes and I normally watch catch up TV and sew or knit in peace. Today though, after a real crappy week with the teenager I felt fed up, I know I'm so lucky to have such a great partner and children, I love all the things I have, I love the way I can do as I please when I want, not being restricted to school times/job times etc, I am thankful, don't get me wrong, I know this but sometimes I feel fed up. I have been crying a lot lately, at songs, at memories, at anything really. I have felt pretty up and down, I am realising something that I didn't think would affect me at all, my boys are getting older and they don't need me as much anymore, I am not their whole world, the things I say are not magical and wonderful, I know all mum's must go through this but that doesn't make it any easier. I'm glad that they are beginning a new chapter in their lives and am looking forward to them achieving their hopes and dreams, but it's hard, it really is. I have borrowed books from the library on dealing/coping with teenagers and they have loads of info about what to do if your teen takes drugs/sleeps around/wears inappropriate clothing etc, none of which apply to us and our teens, none describe the transition between childhood and teen years, the struggle each day to understand each others view points, the battle in simple tasks, where once this child of yours was helpful and keen even to do things has turned into someone very different. Your boundaries change, their boundaries change, ideas that were once fun and looked forward too have become "boring" and "rubbish", I feel guilty each day, as parents guilt is a thing which crops up again and again, these things are not mentioned in any books or on forums etc, I wonder why, is it because the truth is hard to swallow?, is it because it is just me who feels this way and is secretly a nut case? I don't know, I don't have any answers - that maybe another reason it is not mentioned because there is no answer it's all about biding our time until the teenage years have passed. I find it difficult too being a home school mum and worrying about there future and what will happen with them although I'm guessing every parent whether they home school or not wonders this. So sat at the computer this morning, well it was lunch time actually after the time had vanished too quickly again, I thought about what would cheer me up and drag me out of this darkness that I wish would go away, the answer of course was baking (and eating them afterwards of course) so I made some bread which has collapsed in the middle again-why?, some mixed spice biscuits from the grannies cookery book and some carrot cakes from my own recipe, all dairy and gluten free, whist listening to Adele and singing loudly. I feel slightly happier now and am going to spend the rest of the day sewing I think.
I have 2 fairs coming up so need to get cracking at making some more lavender rabbits and I'm working on pinny's with appliqued teapots and cupcakes on, also the Christmas gift making is looming again, can you believe it is nearly that time again?!
I heard this song on the radio and fell in love, I really want this album now, have a lovely weekend whatever your up too x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A to Z of me

Saw this on Polly's blog and it looked like fun, I love to fill in questionaires, have a go at filling it in on your blog, leave me a comment with your blog link so I can have a nosey x

A: Age - 35 Ekkk!

B: bed size -double, full of homemade cushions and blankets

C: Chore that you hate - washing cutelry

D: Dogs - I had a collie dog when I was small but am waiting for a bigger house to get an airedale terrier and a french bulldog - although the mr thinks they are ugly

E: Essential start to the day - cup of clipper decaf tea and breakfast

F: Favourite colour - it varies but either green, pink or purple

H: Height - 5'2"

I: Instrument you play - little bit of drums but not for years

J: Job - full time mum/homeschool teacher/sewing crafts artist

K: Kids -three boys

L: Live - Blackpool

M: Mother's name - Eileen

N: Nickname - runty

O: Overnight hospital stays - 2 as a child, tonsils and appendix, 3 as an adult - all babies born in hospital

P: Pet peeves -littering, dog poo and people who stare rudely because of the way me and my boys look

Q: Quote from a film - " But the worst thing I ever done - I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa - and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life" Chunk in the goonies - best film of all time

R: Right or Left handed - right

S: Siblings - 2 sisters, I'm the youngest

T: Time you wake up - usually around 8am

U: Underware -depends on the occasion ;)

V: Vegetable you hate - parsnips

W: What makes you late - my children

X: X rays- foot, teeth

Y: Yummy food that you make -cakes, pies, stir fry, curry in fact loads of lovely food!

Z: Zoo Animal - elephant

Monday, 10 October 2011

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.....

Ever since being a little girl and my sister took me on the Alice in wonderland ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and reading the book I have been madly in love with everything Alice (by the way that's the name of a craft book I really desire!) I used the graphics fairy site to get some pictures and printed them off, I used paint and glitter glue plus some decoupage I already had to make these canvases, I adore them, I had so much fun making them, I want to do more themes like Red riding hood and maybe Hansel and Gretal.
Another blast from my childhood, a school friend posted this on Facebook, our class in the first year of primary school, I loved it! I'm the one second from the end on the right, second row down. I always wore pinafores and roll neck jumpers and red tights, the school uniform was brown and yellow and not compulsory (thank goodness), it's so funny how I can remember the other children's names from 30 years ago!

It reminded me of such innocence and carefree childhood, I enjoyed primary and junior school until I was about 10, after that bullies took over and I didn't like it one bit. It makes me think how different children are now, not all children obviously, but some are so far advanced in the way they behave and what they know, it is a real shame that they seem to have grown up so quickly and can never get that innocence back. Children in our area dress like little tarts and the parents are the ones to blame, sexulising 5 year olds by buying them clothes and shoes which are far too old for them in the design and look. I may sound like an old granny whinging on about it but it saddens me.
On a lighter note I'm really looking forward to the Christmas fair I'm organising, I'm hoping it will be as great as the last one, if not better, I can almost smell the gingerbread and cinnamon now Mmmm. I found a lovely recipe at this ladies blog for cinnamon muffins which I can't wait to make tomorrow, the look so yummy, I would make them now but my chickens got a fright the other day when next door's dog broke through the fence and scared them which has stopped them laying so I'm out of eggs, have a lovely week whatever your doing x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn already! a monthly catch up

Another month passes by so quickly, its been one filled with ups and downs, my friend miscarried her baby which was awful, I did what I could to help look after her boys but there isn't much really to be done in these situations but just be there as a friend. We enjoyed some beautiful weather which cheered everyone up and had a home school sports day in the heat, the children really enjoyed it and we got 3 new families coming too which is brilliant. My mum moved from a flat quite far away to one very near by, we helped her move as she had an accident about a year ago where she broke her thigh bone, hip and shattered her knee so she has a frame now and hasn't been out since except in taxis. I'm hoping now she is around the corner I can encourage her to get out and build up her confidence again.

My best news for the month has been this - following me entering the supportive business mums competition (ta if you voted for me), the lady that was running it emailed me and asked me to make a cushion and rabbit to go with her romance novels, she exhibits around the country and helps small businesses by including there wares in her books and promoting them. I was so happy to be asked, the brief was to make them fit in with the colours and heart scheme of the books. It was quite strange for me at first as I normally work in other colours but enjoyed the challenge

I'm pleased with how they have turned out, Ces said she loves them and will be exhibiting them at the networking mummies exhibition in Bournemouth on the 5th October
Click here to download your free copy of Taste the light direction, an introduction two chapters to the romance series. You can also enter giveaways on it to win a holiday and jewellery and other great prizes.