Thursday, 7 January 2016

2016 manifest your dreams

Hey beautiful souls, I took the plunge and made a video, I have been super nervous about doing this for so long, I have wonky teeth and talk in a funny way when on camera, the quality isn't very great, I am just learning about all this technology kinda thing and recorded straight from my webcam. But I thought I am going to be brave and get my thoughts on video and actually upload it!

Watch it here

 I want to show myself when I am natural and without makeup and to do something out of my comfort zone to move forward in my life. ( I am actually in my little pony pjs and a unicorn jumper!)

Anna-Mary Robertson Moses better known as grandma moses began her prolific painting career at 78 in 2006 one of her paintings sold for 12 million!! what an inspiring woman, you are never too old to start something new.

Whats going on this week

Things are a bit stressful around here at the moment, we move house in less than 2 weeks, I have only just started packing today, I have lived in this same home for 14 years, my boys have spent most of their lives here and its always felt safe and secure. I am excited about moving, the house we are going to is much nicer and bigger so we can actually have friends over for dinner, I can have my own studio/craft room, which will be amazing because at the moment when I am creating its in the dining room or on the sofa and I have to keep putting everything away, so this way I can leave all my wondrous things out, be messy and fabulous with paint and glitter and it won't matter, I am also going to run courses and workshops from my studio too which is super exciting. I know this move will be good for us all but I am still feeling pretty ratty about it. I cry at the littlest things, I get annoyed because something is a wrong colour(I mean come on, seriously what's up with me!)I think I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to do and need a good sleep!.

This is the colour I have painted my studio, ts called Passion pink, I love it, I've got the most gorgeous wallpaper with flowers and blue tits on too, I will be making some curtains when I get there for it, will share before and after photos when it's finished.

Love Dotty xx

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