Monday, 5 May 2008

Shhh! im a year older

Well today it was my birthday and to be honest birthdays dont really bother me too much except obviously im getting older and according to my 10 yr old now im 32 i cant pull silly faces anymore- im meant to be a grown up!

I did have a lovely day though, apart from being woken up by two scrapping boys, still dont know what they find to argue about but anyway, after looking at my lovely handmade cards i got a special treat of scrambled eggs and toast in bed, this to me is a treat as it reminded me of being a kid, my mum always gave us scrambled eggs in bed after being poorly but today i didnt have to be recovering from an illness.

I popped into town after a lazy morning and bought myself (out of my birthday money off my mum) this gorgeous teapot from Whittards how cute are the ladybirds!

I also was a little naughty and spent the rest of the money on cakes and croissants and real butter from marks and spencer - this is to me another treat as i havent shopped in there for food for ages. Then my day ended with a scrumptious curry made by my lovely fella. Unfortunately me and the boys then watched the second part of flood ( a disaster drama on ITV) i spent most of the time trying to reassure them if a flood of that scale really happened we would be ok because i shall buy a boat off ebay and keep it in the attic - they didnt believe me because i never venture into the attic - i hate attics. Anyway i guess now at least one of them will wake up in the night crying and thinking weve been flooded!!