Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy new year 2016

Hope it is everything you wish for, hope you have an amazing adventure in life, I hope you grow, love and do the things which make your heart sing and put a massive smile on your face. 

Over here at Dotty Delightful we have an exciting January to look forward to, we move to a new house after living in this one for 14 years, I will finally have a dedicated room that will be my studio, it will be big enough to have people over for holistic gatherings and dinner, I am very excited for this new chapter but also feeling weird about saying goodbye to the home we are in now, the home where my boys grew up, the home where I have always felt safe and grown and transformed in. 

I am going on an angel retreat in the Lakes (hoping the flooding will be gone - sending love to those affected) 

We are also going to see Nahko and medicine for the people, at Manchester academy, I discovered them last year and they are an amazing band who's lyrics fill you with warmth and hope for the future.

Hope you had a fabulous New years eve, we stayed home making plans, eating chocolate by the fire and saying goodbye to 2015 by reading through the jar of amazing things.

Love Dotty xx

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