Saturday, 9 January 2016

Creative ways this week

What have I been up to?

 It's been a busy week for me, trying to pack for the new house move on 23rd January, keeping up with lovely orders (so grateful every time someone orders from me) decorating the new house, luckily we have keys so can pop round when we like to crack on. Mr Delightful has been working his arse off sanding floors, they look amazing.

I have been making these lovely wooden heart hangers, a lady suggested they would make good coasters too, which is a great suggestion, I originally made them in pink and purple (see photo below) but a lady ordered these in blue/green. I used an app for instagram to add the light beams to the original photos, I love it!

At night when I want to be a bit more mindful, I have been colouring in, adult colouring books have become the bestseller of 2015 and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I think they are a great idea especially if you feel you are not very creative or artistic, its a lovely way to produce something wonderful, plus it brings the stress levels down and that's sure to be a good thing.

Being weird

I finished this canvas too, I realised that to conventional people, I'm really weird, I have always felt a bit odd, like I didn't fit in, but I have really embraced my 'weirdness' in 2015, I have tried many new things including sound healing, putting my menstruation blood on my plants (my chillies have doubled in size) opening my 3rd eye with crystals, going on shamanic journeys, dying clothes with elderberries, stopping wearing any kind of deodorant (I use clay on my pits to detox them and every morning give them a wash) because I don't eat meat they don't smell like they used to, and many other wonderful things. My friend doesn't like it that we 'different' ones are called weird because we are the ones getting closer to nature and how we naturally originated. I don't mind because to me weird = amazing!

More of the hearts I painted, I am going to hang these in our new home, I also sell them on Etsy and take commissions. At the top of this picture is a letter from the Circle of stars. The Lifeletter acted as a gateway to connect the ever expanding circle of earthstars who hold vital knowledge, resources, lessons, skills, recipes, healing, books, art, poetry, insight, support and most importantly love.The last edition is sent out January 2016.

I have also enjoyed doing some watercolour portraits and affirmations for some gorgeous ladies, this is one I did for myself, I am going to frame it and put it in my studio to read everyday before I start work.

Lastly this week I made a 'hope' necklace, I hand stamped a mandala onto a sliver of wood and added beads and a metal 'hope' charm to make a necklace. It's so earthy and reminds me of a pixie girl, always believing good things are about to happen.

Hope you have had a lovely week, I am so grateful to all my beautiful readers and thank you all each day for being so supportive.

Love Dotty xx

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