Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bedroom makeover

Well it's finally finished, our bedroom has changed from a messy boho eclectic full of clothes and colours room into a calm peaceful spa like room. I love it, only downside is they it is so peaceful I don't want to do anything but relax!!
The solid pine wardrobes came from eBay, pure wool carpet and pure wool underlay from Talbot showrooms, organic Portuguese wool futon from eBay too, paint colours are calm green and white. Buddha painting by me, curtains are temporary until we can save up for blackout curtains. Cushions are from a vintage shop in Liverpool. Himalayan salt lamp from Ancient wisdom. Fishtank cabinet from Seapets, hifi, mirror and fishtank we already owned.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vintage and handmade fair Wigan

Well today we went to Haigh Hall at Wigan, my friend Colette Halstead who is a glass artist and uses real leaves in her glass is the driver and me, well I'm the passenger, we have great fun on our days out, that's how we see them you know, that's what it's like working for yourself attending fairs, lots of fun.
This is the first time we have been to Wigan to attend a fair and it was funny that it's on a Thursday too but we were assured by the lovely organisers "vibrant vintage by Victoria Claire" that it would be busy. The venue itself is set in 250 acres of woodland, the building is Georgian in design with large chandeliers, high ceilings and sweeping staircases. It has an amazing view overlooking Wigan. The weather is sunny and quite warm.
We set up in a long room with 18 other stalls all varying from vintage clothes to patchwork quilts.
The morning started off quietly with a few customers then slowly built up, the total was 150 visitors, I didn't take much money at all, I'm glad it was a nice venue with nice people and had a lovely view or I would of been disappointed.
After the fair we went to Preston and Colette took me to an Indian supermarket oh my good lord I was in heaven!! So many spices it was amazing, we then went to an Indian snack shop where I spent all my money on samosas and other gorgeous delights it made my day!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

What a lovely Sunday

On Sunday I was at art in the park in Lytham, the event organised by the talented screen printer Robin Ross was held a Lytham Hall a big Georgian house a few miles from where I live, our stalls were inside a courtyard where the sun shone brightly in the middle, the stall holders kept gathering for a warm!, I met some lovely people, the world is full of undiscovered talent. I didn't really take much, only sold two owls but the company and location far made up for it. I met a brilliantly charged artist who is off to Montana to live with native Americans, he had a great vibe about him and made me feel so creatively empowered. I also met a fantastic up and coming artist, she's 18, paints amazing animals and is super talented.
After trading had finished Letty my wonderfully talented glass artist friend and I went around the gorgeous grounds full of trees and birds. We stood by a lily pond and just listened it was amazing, the sounds of the different birds chirping and cooing was awesome.
I love being surrounded by green, nature and pure earth it makes the end of the week feel like a new beginning ❤

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mmmm food

Did I mention I love food?, I think about it morning noon and night, when I wake I wonder what we can have for dinner that night!
It's not always been this way though, many years ago I was in a bad, destructive relationship where my partner called me fat everyday, I hated my body, I hated feeling ugly and in that frame of mind blamed myself and eating. Somewhere all reason left my brain and went against everything the sensible me knew and each time I ate, I would get terrible stomach pains and be sick, sometimes on particularly bad days I would make myself sick. This cycle went in for about a year, until one day my toddler ate his lunch and then went to the bin and made hurling sounds, I asked what he was doing and he said "mummy does it" it was like a massive slap in my face, like someone had just woken me up from a hideous self absorbed dream. I knew then and there it was not me and my body that had to change it was my relationship. It did, I threw him out, not just because of the name calling, there was lots of other reasons including violence. It was hard, I was frightened, I was a single parent of 3 small boys all under 5. But do you know it was the best decision I ever made.
I was free to be me, it took lots of soul searching, late nights being drunk, spending days on end with my friends talking, laughing and having fun. I had support off my sister and friends, I still didn't love my body, even though it was so wonderful to have carried 3 children, in my mind I was still overweight, I wouldn't let boyfriends see my stomach ( full of stretch marks and jelly like) fast forward 9 years I met the man of my dreams, he loves every part of me, I let him not only see my tummy but he kisses and cuddles it. I am happy with this body of mine, it does a wonderful job, yes there are bits I would change if I had a magic wand but I can live with them.
Our food has become healthy, organic (mostly), full of goodness. We are dairy, gluten, chemical, preservative, additive free. We don't eat anything with soy in it, or palm oil unless we know it has come from a sustainable source. We only eat higher welfare meat when we can afford it, if not we eat quorn or veggies.
We feel good, we love cooking and baking ( although a bigger kitchen would be a blessing!) we love eating!.
I have been thinking of writing an ebook with all that I have learned about food over the past couple of years, I want to share my knowledge because I don't think lots of parents actually realise what is in the food they are giving to their children. I'm not just talking e numbers here either. I have research it thoroughly as my oldest child is on the autistic spectrum and the doctors wanted him medicated but I refused ( whole other story! ) so I began researching alternatives and what I found was astonishing.
I realised that all the family would benefit by changing what we eat.
Eczema, asthma and colds have disappeared for our house, my partners thyroid problem is cured, our skin, nails and hair are all healthy and strong.
So dear readers would you be interested in buying an in-depth ebook on this priced $29?
Please leave me a comment and let me know if it's worth writing, remember love your body for all it's quirks and flaws it's you, it keeps you alive, it's special and unique just like you xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Simple things

Today I shall be rockin' these new socks, I am so happy with them because they actually fit around my calves without cutting off all feeling in my legs and feet! I have fat calves and ankles you see and find it difficult to buy long socks that are comfy, the added bonus was these were in the sale for £1!! So I'm going back today to get some more.
Lots of love Dotty x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lovely day for the beach

In the gorgeous unusual sunshine we went to the beach, I've live in this seaside town of Blackpool for 36 years, when I was a kid we used to spend all summer on the beach but as I got older the visits dwindled and now we are lucky if we go twice a year. I'm guessing when you have something there you take it for granted really which is a massive shame because we had the nicest time. It was so relaxing listening to the noise of the sea and feeling the sun warm my face. At one point I even took my docs off and had a paddle, the water was so cold but really pleasant and refreshing. I would of loved to paddle more but with a bunkers puppy running round in circles and jumping up at me I thought it best not too, hope your having a fabulous week, make the most of the sun, this is probably our summer!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

angels calling?

Lately I have been thinking alot about angels, I have been painting and drawing them, I was brought up a christian and have always known angels exist, as I got older I moved away from religion and still dont follow one "god". I believe in angels, in mother nature, in being kind to others, trying to be a good person. I do think angels protect you and watch over you, I'm not sure if we are allocated an angel each or if its some relative that has died and now is your guardian, I do know they are bless and make me feel safe. I have been engrossed in all things to do with the goddess circle, have you heard of it?, if not pop over and have a look round, were all very friendly and there are some awesomely positive affermations, videos, courses, meditations and so much more. Since joining the circle a few weeks ago I feel so much calmer and in tune with my body, I know this may sound like fairy talk (as my boys often tell me I'm saying ) but its true, I feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, I have written an e-book, this is the first one I have done and it excited me so much, I just need to find out how to put it on my website which is currently having a makeover to go along with my transformation. It's called " A beautiful you, from inside out"I can't wait to share it with you gorgeous ladies
For now I will leave you with the amazing Leonie

* Thats my little boy in the top picture, if you would like me to transform your child into a little angel, email me at all I need is for you to email me a favourite photo of your child, I will email you back with payment details, its £9.99 per photo for the first 2 photos, anymore after that and its only £5.99 per photo. I will then do my magic and email you your own little angel photograph back within 3 days (5 if I'm super busy - but I would let you know in advance). You get to keep all rights to the finished product, I will not use your photo for any promotion etc. Plus the best thing is you can re-use your photo as many times as you like, you can print it, coo over it, share it with family and friends!

Lots of love and sunshine x

Friday, 11 May 2012

Yorkshire sculpture park

Went to yorkshire sculpture park today with a coach load of artist people from Blackpool, really windy but good to be outdoors enjoying the gifts mother nature has given us x