Saturday, 31 December 2011

Jan 1st

My first blog post of 2012, can you believe it's a new year already, I'm so excited about all of the exciting things that are going to happen this year, I feel it inside it's going to be a good one. My newest makes ( made yesterday ) are these 2 canvases, the one with the red hair is called "Bella, the butterfly princess", the one with the blond hair is called "Pippa the natural beauty". Both are on box canvas, mixed media with glitter and faux gem embellishments. £26.00 each including postage to U.K., I really enjoyed drawing and creating these, I can't wait to make some more, hope you all have a wonderful new years day x

New Years eve

I know I've not been blogging for ages and I am sorry dear readers I have missed you all but have been so very busy organising and participating in craft fairs, things have gone crazy in December, I think at last count I have done around 10 fairs in December and then as I see everything myself each time I had a really good fair and sold lots I had to get back to the sewing machine and make more stock, I have become more popular and well known thanks to these fairs, Facebook and twitter, it is an exciting but super busy time, we had a lovely Christmas we went to the in laws on Christmas eve and spent Christmas day at home enjoying the children's presents and watching Christmas tv. We went to my mums on boxing day and then into town for the sales so the boys could spend their vouchers and Christmas money from relatives. On the Tuesday we had a dear old family friend round who is 73 and played the wii with such energy, we had a brilliant day with him and enjoyed an Able and Cole organic roast chicken dinner, Mmmm delicious. On Wednesday I came down with a bad cold and have been laid up ever since, tonight for new years eve I shall be snuggling and snotting all over my lovely fellow watching UFC, not glamorous but just how we like it. Never been one for a big new years do, anyway I hope you all have a lovely time whatever you may be doing, hope you all had a wonderful 2011 as I did, and let's look forward to an amazing 2012, I'm sure it's going to be a really great one and I will try my best to upload photos as soon as I can get a new monitor for the computer, I can't upload them off my iPhone x