Friday, 19 February 2010

Our day at Lytham

As I had an appointment at the hospital we had to go to Lytham again - oh no, he he, it was so cold but really sunny so lovely for strolling, I made some bunting and this v.cute teapot cosy for the lady at Fresh, this is my first ever one and I'm really pleased with it, its embroidered and appliqued onto hot pink quilted wadding, I must invest in a really good camera when I can as this looks so much better in real life. We have been using our new bread maker everyday - why didn't I get one earlier, I love it and have been getting up extra early just like a proper housewife! Whilst out and about we went to Booths food store and I love the variety that they have, loads of dairy free things and lovely organic local veg, we always buy bits and pieces whilst we are there, next door is a home store that has a great kitchen range in it, lots of coo-ing by me over the scales, polka dot oven roasters, cute cake stands and Cath Kidston mugs, we went upstairs and we saw this sofa:
it is so comfy and squishy and in the sale......we took measurements and a photo and walked away in the hope of finding one a little better priced :(

We had a long walk on the seafront and down the jetty where the lifeboats used to go,

Chris loved collecting shells and trying to spot things in rock pools,

I loved looking back at Lytham from a different angle, and having the sun shine on our faces. We went for lunch and I went into the Cath Kidston outlet, its in another shop and I have always wanted to go in but it looked too posh, but today I really wanted to buy my first piece of Cath so I got some lovely floral oven gloves, which I really did need to take the bread out of the bread maker!! and a cup for Mr Tom and a cup for me, they are awesome cups, they are two brew size, so in the long run they will be worth my frivolousness as the kettle won't be on as much x

Monday, 15 February 2010

Tick tock....

How does time go soooo quickly, I really do try to keep up with blogging but before I know it a couple of weeks or even months have past, I would like to wish for 3 more hours a night please ( I get more done then when all is quiet), anyway I have been busy doing an art day for our home school group which went really well, knitting lots of hats and I'm doing a gorgeous bright pink mohair scarf for me now on huge size 12 wooden needles - I love them, I have been having a big clear out and putting loads of stuff on free cycle in anticipation of moving, we want to move this year, as soon as possible really, to somewhere more green and country like, I'm trying to be a natural woman in an urban environment and we have finally had all we can take, I want a big garden to grow more stuff in and so the boys can have a wooden den with room to have adventures outdoors, I know how much my fellow would love a room to work in that's not our bedroom too, we rent now so it shouldn't be a big thing moving its just finding a house were having trouble with!
Onto other things... we had a day out in Lytham and I went to one of my favorite shops "Fresh" and saw this amazing dresser. I umed and arghed and bought it!
I adore it so much, the bottom cupboard is full of my sewing things, the drawer is great for art paper and I have little pots of buttons and beads on the shelf, each time I come in the room it makes me smile. I got talking to the lady who owns the shop and I'm going to make some sewn items for her to sell, excited that my stuff is going into another outlet.
I'm also half way through doing a website - oh my god, it has been tedious and takes me ages to do, I keep avoiding it and doing other things instead, I think I'm best setting myself an imaginary deadline and it may make me more motivated, I will be selling handmade items for the home, handmade gifts, organic toiletries, essential oils, fair trade products and natural items, some of my things arrived today so the front room smells lovely, here's a little sneak preview....

Hope everyone had a nice valentines and imbolc, we spent both at home together enjoying each others company xx