Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Yummy, yummy in my tummy

We had a lovely Christmas, really relaxed and full of good food, snuggling in front of the fire and playing games. Everyone loved there handmade gifts and it was the best Christmas I have had since I was 7 years old!. We went to the in laws and my mums on Christmas eve and swapped gifts, our little nephew who is nearly one had a velvet Santa suit on and he looked so adorable in it.
After boxing day I had a quick tidy up and discovered a book I had borrowed from the library ages ago and not read!, the hummingbird bakery book has some very tasty looking cupcakes and other naughty delights in it, so I couldn't help myself.....

Mmmm lemony snicketts topped with rainbow snowballs and lemony icing - well that's what I called them, I think in the book they are lemon cupcakes!! they are truly scrumptious, so full of calories but v. moreish. I also baked some vanilla cupcakes which went down a treat - so well I haven't got a photo of those. I substituted milk for rice milk and butter for dairy free marg and they worked fine.

Whilst the oven was nice and hot I made two loaves of wholemeal bread and some roasted butternut squash and sweet potato, this has a sprinkle of cumin, some fennel seeds, salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic and is a delight.

Talking of delights look at these fellows we got from Tom's sister, how very cute, our boiled eggs tasted great in them....

she carried on the chicken theme with these cock a doodle ishious tins, plus other chicken related items which are now at home on the dresser.
Every night this week we have put the boys in bed and got cuddled up ready to watch a DVD we got for Christmas and every night we have fallen asleep, woken up around 2 am, not much heat coming off the coals, dribble wet cheeks and shivering, in a daze promising ourselves we will definitely watch it tomorrow - what has happened to the all nighters we used to pull!!!
Have a happy new year folks, this year has been a great one for us and we hope next year will be even better xxx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

its beginning to look a lot like christmas ...

Christmas comes but once a year, but how fast does that time come around, its like time has been fast forwarded, this year I have been more organised than ever before and am looking forward to it. Its been fab making and crafting for others and having met some really lovely friends this year in our home ed group it has made it more magical.this is a little wall hanging that's above my fireplace, hand embroidered with bells hanging off the bottom...
a little sequined bird just ready to sing a lark....

and a mischievous pixie girl who my partner says is secretly me!!

Our fireplace decorated with candles and pine cone and the boys made stars out of twigs, bound them together and put glitter on them, our stockings that I made, which hopefully will be filled with goodies

we like to get one new decoration each year, whether its handmade or bought and his year I was pleased to go out with the ladies from the victory baptist church at Blackpool ( I go to a knitting club with them) to Barton Grange-Wow what a place, the layouts were amazing, I really wish I took the camera, fantastic creative sets for different countries, I found this extravagant bird in the India section, he's lovely and after Christmas he will be going in the tree in my little ones bedroom, to join the other birds and monkeys that live in it.

Here's our pond on our first snow day, the boys came and woke me up saying it had double snowed!, they were so excited and I was too, we got up, got dressed and went out in it, I fed the birds and melted a bit of the pond for our frogs and newts and then went out front for ....

snowman building, Brrrr it was cold but so worth it, its all melting now :(

Happy holidays to everyone, hopes all your dreams come true and smile and rejoice in the lovely friends and family we have and remember those who have gone from this world but watch over us daily - thank you Dad xxxxxx

Monday, 23 November 2009

crafty update

Embellished bracelet cuffs....
Pretty lavender hearts......

Mr Star.....

embroidered felt brooches....

crochet rolls......

knitting rolls....

Love Cat and the two little Love Kittens......

Embroidered owl cushion....
All left over from the craft fair, I didn't get any photos of the stalls because to be honest they were all a bit "bitty", I wouldn't say crafty/handmade apart from me and a lady next to me who made beads and necklaces, she had a nice stall all lit up with fairy lights. The day was rainy, cold and very tedious, there was not many customers because I think lack of posters and signs outside and the windy day.
It wasn't all a washout though, a customer came back twice after collecting her daughter from home and she was very encouraging and lovely about my things, she cheered me up a lot. Also a lady who runs the farmers market at Fleetwood asked if I would like a stall there as they are also doing arts and crafts now as well as food, so I am looking forward to that, she said it was a busy day so fingers crossed more customers! That's on the 19th of Dec so very near to Christmas so I may pick up some handmade presents whilst I'm there.
Does any of you lovely readers make soy/beeswax candles and do you sell them? I would be very interested in buying some if so xx

Friday, 20 November 2009

christmas craft fair sneak peek.....

hello ladies (and gentlemen if reading) I have not stopped all week getting ready for another Christmas fair, this one is tomorrow 21st Nov at Bispham Sea Cadets (opp Bispham library) 10 am - 3pm. I am hoping for a nice day on the weather side of things and a steady flow of customers - I'm panicking if a lot turn up at once and I get in a flap!! or even worse if no one turns up and my children then make me feel guilty for spending so much time sewing this week! anyway here's some things I have made, there are more so if you can pop along and see me, my stand will be Sanctuary Moon, the same name as my new web shop - not quite ready yet, when it is I shall let you know x

Do you like Love Cat, he is so adorable and survives on just hugs and kisses from little people, he has a friend Love Kitty who is just peeping out from behind him because he is rather shy!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

still sewing

I have been a busy bee, I have started for the first time in my life to look forward to Christmas, I think it is because this year is going to be a handmade one and the pressure to please others comes from the heart not from some idealistic idea we should spend, spend, spend money on crap that nobody actually benefits from.

I have been making things for the Christmas craft fair (6th Dec, Cedar square, Blackpool, 10am - 4pm) I have been invited to join. I am excited and nervous too, I haven't dealt with the public in such a long time but I'm sure all will be okay. I will upload some photos when I have some camera batteries!!

Our Halloween was spent inside being cosy in front of the coal fire and watching a film, ignoring the constant tapping on the door after the popcorn treat bags we made had ran out. For bonfire night we did...nothing, how liberating it was too. We watched neighbours fireworks out of the window but that was all. Not because we are mean or scrooge like, I just don't see the point, when we go to see the annual firework championships on the prom and the boys just play a game, they are not interested at all how great China's entry was or how France's rockets were bigger than last time, so they wouldn't be impressed with a Catherine wheel tied to our fence!!
Plus on the the money I would of spent on fireworks will be going to buy this new Jamie Oliver book the recipes are awesome, I borrowed it from the library and so far I have made the BBQ sauce and its the best one I have ever tasted, so smoky and yummy. The cinnamon swirls went down a treat and tonight we had peach cobbler - sticky, zingy goodness. I found it less arty, farty with the ingredients than his other books and the stories in it are interesting too.

Now the nights are drawing in I love turning on the fairy lights, lighting the fire and sitting in my wonderful art deco armchair that I discovered last week in a second hand furniture shop, its covered in velvet and has big sweeping arms, perfect for relaxing and doing some embroidery in which is what I'm off to do now.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

sew long......

Its been a long time...well over a month since i last blogged, sometimes I find it a bit of a chore to finish a post but I will spend hours reading other peoples blogs, and sometimes it's a case of I'm actually living in the real world and cyber land has to wait, but I feel on this bitterly cold and very windy Sunday whilst I'm still in bed using my BFs laptop and drinking barley cup I will carry on and finally finish this post!!

A while ago I got the new vertbaudet catalogue in the post and am in awe of the duvet covers, especially this deer one, how cute, I really want it for my bed even if it's meant for little people.

This is the interior of a girls room and if I was ever blessed with a girl this is what my dream room would be like for her, I especially love the rug.

We have been gathering the last of the blackberries from the garden and having delicious muffins with them in, I also have made some jam with them and even though the kids wont eat it because of the seeds I think its lovely lashed on toast. I used some of it in an eves pudding with some lovely strawberries but that went down so well I didn't have time to take a photo, I was surprised too as we made custard but with rice milk and it worked out surprisingly well, my BF also made curry using oat cream and that was yummy, this dairy free thing is pretty good now!!

We had a bit of sad news too, our little ratty Peanut died not long after this was taken, he was poorly and Chris wanted to read a Mr men book to him to make him better, he wrapped him up all snugly in a pillowcase and spent well over an hour just reading and stroking him.

He was an old ratty though and had enjoyed his time with us, it has made me think though I don't want anymore indoor type pets, we will just stick with our lovely ladies and eventually when I get my dreamy cottage, a pig and a goat!!

Let me introduce you to Molly, Lucy and Sunflower boy...... still not finished yet but so far I have enjoyed making them, I'm trying to get on with Christmas making early this year, I have made some stuff for my mum but can't really put them on here in case she sees.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

all sewn up.....

This past couple of weeks I have been sewing crazy, I would love to have one of those big dressers with perfectly stacked fabric, all colour co-ordinated but alas I'm a very messy girl so in the mean time I shall carry on rooting through my cluttered corner for lovely fabric and make things like this heart, its red wool felt on the back and has some of the best stitching I have done in a long time, it has dried lavender from my garden inside to smell dreamy, its so pretty and pink and I think that's why I like it. I will make some more if anyone wants to buy one or two or three!!!

I have also been making tooth fairy pillows, an embroidered flower one with a pink pocket on the back for the tooth, polka dot ribbon so it can be hung on the bed or door handle and flowers made with french knots and knitted stitches.

These Jan Constantine inspired flag/banners have also been cheering up my dining room, I saw them in the catalogue and although very lovely at £37 was a bit pricey for me at the moment
so I took to making some and some dreamy cushions too - I will take pics when I get new camera batteries!!

More of the tooth fairy pillows, these cheeky chappies are so fun to make and really kind of sweet too, I make them for a lovely fairy lady in town who has the best fairy/magical/mystic shop ever, its called The secret garden, 9 Cedar Square in Blackpool, if your ever around do pop in, her natural soaps and potions are lovely and smell heavenly, my fairy pictures are also on sale in there too, I do take commission's though and sell privately. If you are interested in any of my things just leave me a message ruby_coupe@hotmail.com.

The other things that have been going on is, I am doing some illustrations for the lovely Claire for her fantastic children's story, cooking up a veggie feast of yummy pizzas and stir fries - not on the same day, baking lovely snickerdoodles (cinnamon coated biscuits) and enjoying being dairy free because I have lost about an inch on my waist!! Yippee.
I went to the hospital today to have a lump removed off my thigh and the consultant was lovely to me even though he gave me 3 injections - ouch and stitches, I'm all patched up and the numbness is just wearing off so my leg is feeling sore but it means for the next few days I have to rest it so I can do lots more sewing and reading and having dinner cooked for me!!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

I Love cooking and cooking loves me!

Argh summer's nearly over....did it ever really begin?, I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm sure summers used to be longer and hotter and dryer!, it seems to speed past and before you know it your back to ordering coal and dreading Christmas! I have had some nice warm outings but the weather is pretty rubbish now all thanks to chemtrails, I'm sure you have seen the planes criss crossing the sky with the polluted gases for weather modification....anyway enough of that, I thought I would post a pic of a sunny day for me to look back on next summer when its snowing in June! I went to a fab charity shop in Lytham the other day after our home school meet and was so pleased with these two tops I found......

Excuse the mucky mirror and the flash but I had to capture how bloody cute it is, it's all embroidered and covers my rather ample bosom perfectly, only £1-yep I couldn't believe it either so I quickly grabbed this....

this was also £1! its a Marks and Spencer's lace/embroidered shirt, its sooo lovely, not worn it yet as it's been too cold.

Our lovely girls have all started to lay now and I am a pleased mother hen, the yolks are so golden it's fab, I have been baking, making breakfast muffins, pancakes, omelette's etc everyday....not all of them at once-that's too greedy even for a cake lovin' lady like me!!

Eye-eye said Francesca as I got out the camera, I think she was bothered her wattle and comb had not been set!

Talking of cooking, since going to the local allotments and getting a free recipe sheet I have gone ratatouille mad, it's delicious and so easy to make in bulk. I had, had a bad morning and was making another pan full and Adam was moaning about me making it agaaaaaiiinnnn, when I cut open this pepper......

It made me feel much better and loved! I had to get the camera to capture it, yes I love cooking!!

This week I have mostly been doing lots of things but finishing none, having tons of ideas in the morning and by night time done none of them..... this happens to me a lot! I find myself frustrated with my lack of sticking to just one thing at a time, does anyone else feel this way?, maybe it's a creative thing, ideas going round and round. I would like to hear if you lovely ladies get this way too.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Castles big and small

I got up a few mornings ago and decided we was going out for the day - this was at 7.30ish - not sure why I woke that early without the help of a little person but I rallied everyone up - much to the disgust of the teen "eurghh what DO YOU want mummmm" and we got on the bus to Lancaster. Ive always liked it there as the buildings are so different to Blackpool and the cute little shops and quirky structural designs everywhere.

I took this one of the boys on the bridge because about 6 years ago I took a picture in the same spot and we compared how they have grown when we came home, much to little ones disappointment, he doesn't want to get older, he cries sometimes because he "wants to be a small boy for always", bless him.

Lancaster Castle, we had a great tour with a great guide, he answered loads of questions and was very passionate talking with the children about the gruesome history, the boys found Henry 8th shield on the wall and thought the weapons were awesome.

The tour lasted about an hour and was worth the price of a family ticket, we all learned a lot and found it very interesting.

Opposite the castle is the Priory church, we went in to be nosy and the inside was spectacular, I took some photos but they came out too dark, the pic above is just one of loads of tapestry's adorning the back of hand carved chairs, the work that has gone into them was amazing.
We went for a cuppa in the church cafe and I asked the lady if it was OK that I had brought my own rice milk for our tea, she smiled and an even older lady pulled a face like I was a hippy nutter and said "ohh whatever dear", I had a hard time keeping a straight face as I paid and walked back to the table smirking!

It started to rain so we headed to the museum and the boys had large smiles on there faces as it was full of war memorabilia, there was so much to see and read, costumes, weapons, diary's and letters, its a fantastic place, they had info sheets to take for free too - great for home school.

They have there own site too with history, pictures etc on.

Tom has been making a castle out of wood for Chris, we got the instructions out of a 1970's book of my dads, we got some offcuts for a couple of pounds and some carpet inner tubes for free, Chris helped to cut it (no goggles, masks etc - sorry Mr Badman ) and paint it.....

then he waited patiently for the glue to stick and Tom to cut out the other bits, he used his pocket money on knights and we used a curtain for a moat and voila...

it still needs a coat of paint on the wood and a base but he loves it! Its pretty big and has taken over the table so we've been sharing dinners with archers and dragons.