Sunday, 29 August 2010

stuck in sunday

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, like you need to spread your wings and start off on a new journey even a metaphorical one?, I do, lots of times, don't get me wrong I'm happy, I have lovely children, I have a great partner and all the pretties a girl could ask for, I have a pretty good, simple life but lots of day's I wonder... is there more than this?, more than washing up and hoovering, more than this house and watching TV, more than our neighbours and street, more than our stinky town full of hideous smack rats and women with 9 kids who don't love any of them.
Of course there is and most days I know I should go and explore, venture out and DO something, most day's I want to, the trouble is, most day's if it's not raining or a meteor hasn't crashed in our street (this hasn't happened yet, but I wish it would sometimes and land on the bin troll from next door) the boys don't really want to go out or one of us is ill, or there is work to be done or some other rubbishy excuse. Then by night time I realise that another day has passed me by and I have achieved not much except eat cake and maybe a bit of knitting.
Today is one of those days, its glorious outside, I got all ready to go to a concert in the park but my partner is ill, the boys don't want to go out and here I am back on the computer gazing at other people life's, who at this moment seem much better than mine...
I know I am moaning and yes I know there are millions worse off than me but I needed to moan somewhere and here is the only place I can right now.
What do you do when you feel stuck?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

summer days driftin' away....

Yummy recipe I made up as I was running out of flour and had no sugar but they turned out so well I thought I would share, they were meant to be cakes but they are more like scones, still blummin' great with a cuppa though:
200oz self raising flour
100oz butter/marg/spread
3 heaped tablespoons of golden syrup
1 free range egg
whizz them all together in a bowl in any order you like until they are dough like, roll into golf ball sized balls and flatten with the palm of your hand, pop on a tray in the oven for 10 - 15 mins gas mark 4/5 depending on how good your oven is (ours is shit, it burns everything) and voila' yummy scrummyness for you x We had a lovely time today meeting up with friends, playing on the park and going on the beach although it was rather cold and windy, the boys loved it.
throwing sand, building an army fort and digging a great big hole

rather proud of the hole, especially when they discovered water was in it after digging down deep enough

My lovely ladies, Claire and Martina who make me smile, make me feel happy and are two of the most beautiful people I know, thanks ladies for being my friend xxxxx

Monday, 23 August 2010

read and smile - you have my permission!

Sometimes I find things on the net which make me smile, make me feel good and know I must share, I came across this ladies site which is all about self realization and is very inspiring to me, she has some awesome things on there, do have a look you WILL feel awesome after reading, here is one of her posts that we should all follow!

you have permission to
: not finish reading books that you're not really enjoying. Don't force it, close it.
: walk out of movies that suck (and hey, if you leave in the first twenty minutes, you can get your money back.)
: let it go to voicemail (especially during dinner, or snuggling, or watching So You Think You Can Dance?)
: give birthday gifts anytime of the year (which means you can be late or early and you can give yourself time to find just the right gift.)
: talk shit about WalMart (even if they do have the economic power of a small country.)
: cut the obligations cords that are driven by guilt.***
: pursue your own agenda.
: own next to nothing, live on a mattress, read and write and make love all day with no other responsibilities***
: return crappy products to their crappy manufacturers (because you can vote with your dollars.)
: leave your current business model so you can go do something bigger than you***
: tell your kids when you think that something an authority figure told them is bullshit (you need to be in solidarity with your child, not the so-called grown ups.)
: quit your job, even if you just started two weeks ago, or just got a raise, or are seemingly indispensable.
: get yourself off even, if you have a partner.
: have some secrets.
: cut out the elements of your business that you don't totally LOVE. The parts that 90% of the time make you say, "WHY am I doing this? I don't WANT to do this." ***
: give away/recycle/get rid of stuff, stuff, stuff sentimental stuff that special people gave you (your home is for you, not them); stuff that doesn't make you feel good even, if you spent a lot of money on it; stuff that has intense memories attached to it; stuff!
: say no to "free" stuff, like swag bags at fancy events and novelty erasers and pom-pom pens from the bank. (Because the only thing in life that's free is love.)

you have permission to
: fail, and fail again.
: to succeed, wildly, more than your neighbours, more than your folks, more than you thought was possible.
: be rich and "spiritual"
: be broke AND generous
: leave work early, get some ice cream, and sit in the hot tub at the gym***
: charge what you're worth***
: focus more on creating your soul job and less on finding a ho' job.***
: sleep! sleep in, nap, sleep.
: earn a living knitting for charity.***
: relax. To let go of the growing to-do list in your head. To release the need to get it "just right."***
: to dance.
: go bra-less or underwear free.
: give it all to charity.
: check your email whenever the hell you want.
: start now, without the degree, without the funding, without knowing exactly where you're going.
: sell your house to afford a big trip to India (a friend of mine did just that, no regrets.)
: walk away.
: fall in love.
: eat dessert first.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

sneak peek...

a little peek at some of my makes which are all for sale and heading to my website soon if they are not snaffled up before hand! I have really enjoyed making these, the main bag material is a soft velvety type of canvas/cotton, which is lovely to work with. The appliqued parts are from my ever growing fabric stash of new, vintage and retro fabrics. I'm in love with quirky animals at the moment and have been really inspired by my middle sons drawings, he's great at characters and hopes to be a cartoonist when he's bigger.
embroidered handles with love hearts and twirls....
fully lined in lovely pink retro cotton.......

This next one I like to call union Jill - why should us girls miss out eh!

hot pink ric rac, baby blue satin ribbon and flannelet polka dots all on this soft denim canvas...

fully lined in yellow 70's flower power cotton....

Naughty that is, he has a real smug smile after laying in the sun all day! Machine embroidered tail and felt face.....

fully lined in orange sari material for a gorgeous grown up feel!

This past few days I have felt so worn out with decorating, my mum moving, rainy stuck inside days - what has happened to the summer?, that today I have spent the morning doing arty stuff with the boys and now were off to the park with our fingers crossed it won't rain, I'm hoping to watch a film and just chill tonight, have a lovely weekend everyone xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

super fast catch up

Quickly, very quickly because I need to get to bed... this week I have mainly been helping my mum clean her new flat - what a bloomin' great job that was, the previous tenants had left it in a right state, she needs new carpets and hasn't got any curtains as she kindly left hers in her last flat thinking that this new flat would have some in, so I'm going to knock her up a couple of pairs tomorrow. Adam has been going to art club at our gallery and the other boys have been rather horrid to him, calling him gay and throwing pens at him etc, this really makes me cross and I wanted to have a word about it but Adam didn't want me to, so even though that was hard to do, I did. He came out today and said he had, had a better time as he told them to shut up and they did! taking him and picking him up everyday has made my shin splints come back and my legs ache so.
The other things I have been doing is making things for my shop, sewing things like this chap who is called "Fangle" he is rather easy to hypnotise if you wave a piece of carrot cake in front of him, his eyes go all googly and you can quickly move him away from the biscuit tin!.
Decorating is still going on in our lounge and for the first time in a week the boys got to watch deadliest warrior on repeat, they were so excited to watch TV - sad eh!!.
Hope everyone is having a glorious week and getting more sunshine than we are xx