Thursday, 31 December 2015

Review of 2015

Its been an amazing year, some ups and downs, lots of learning, lots of growing and healing myself. 

We said goodbye to a beautiful soul Calum, who just couldn't be in this world anymore. We love and miss you, but at least you have peace now my lovely x


I tried a 'real' job as a resort ambassador and visited all the attractions Blackpool has to offer -very weird for me.

Saw some amazing sunsets in my own town of Blackpool - didn't realise how great they are!

But it did show me how to be tolerant towards others who haven't reached as far on their journeys, it also taught me why people who work full time don't really have loads of hobbies, its so tiring and all you want to do when you come home is eat and go to bed.

I also realised how idiotic parts of the council are and how they don't actually listen to the people who live here, its all about image and glitz. Nothing about compassion or really making a change for the better, so after a couple of months I quit. All the drama made me ill, it wasn't good for my soul or for my true purpose.

I asked the universe for a sign to help me decide what to do because the wages were great and it stopped me worrying about how to pay the bills but it wasn't making my heart sing, so the universe answered. There was a man with long grey hair, a bit shabby, shouting how Blackpool is the pit of despair, its full of whores and sinners, he intrigued me so much to the horror of my colleagues I went over to talk to him (in full ambassador uniform) he stepped back away from me and was very wary, I asked why he thought Blackpool was so bad and where he lived, he was cagey at first ( I think the uniform put him off) and I said I meant him no harm and he wasn't in trouble, I just wanted to talk to him. He opened up and we started having a chat, then he did a double blink, looked me up and down and said "you don't belong in that uniform, what do you think your doing?, you know that your light shines from within, the lights on the front (illuminations) are giving false happiness, you know this town is trying to sell happiness masked as all the attractions and bright lights, you know this is wrong" (he was spot on) I thanks him and asked his name (my mind thinking it would be something profound like Ezekiel) he said it was Tony! I told him he was my sign from the universe and walked away, knowing right then that was the day I would quit. (I later told my boss the story and he looked at me like I was mental haha).

So after leaving the council (never to return again) I knew magical things were coming, I knew I had to fully trust in the universe, it would always support me as it always had done before. ( I just never realised until that point)

So in no particular order:

I went on some amazing retreats including Blissland and Ayurveda Northern Approach and The Gathering Fields,

Really started to get serious about being an artist, joined Leonie's academy for business goddesses,

Had fun in a yurt, a camping pod and a stately home, had a crystal bath, led a foraging walk, did some guerrilla gardening,

Travelled to some beautiful places, stayed in some lovely hotels, including Torquay, London, Grisdale, Manchester, Hebden Bridge, Hawes, Haworth, Congleton, Scorton, Lancaster, Garstang, Stratford upon Avon, York.

 Discovered the Custard Factory in Birmingham, whilst staying on a envoy conference for Leftcoast

Was part of an amazing Showzam festival and ball, and this photo by Claire Griffiths of me was used in Leftcoasts promo magazine.

Did public speaking for the first time to a large audience to talk about being a volunteer and what it means to help others, as part of volunteering I was part of a parade from Tram Sunday pushing a giant contraption with a trumpet player on the top.

I also got funded by the Big Lottery Fund to do an 8 week course with young (under 25) mums to teach them to cook, all about natural living, sewing, knitting, open up their worlds with vision boards, dreaming, yoga and meditation and have a trip to a farm to learn about growing foods and herbs. I am so excited to do this because I was a young mum, I had 3 children under the age of 5 when I was 23 and it was hard work, especially because a year later I was a single parent. Knowing I can help these women in any tiny way fills me with joy.

Said goodbye to my lovely Tricycle Suzie, she finally broke down, never to be repaired (can't get the parts anymore) I will miss her so much.


Got more into yoga, (thanks Kelly you beauty) learnt more at the yoga lessons than just the moves. A friendship has grown and we are both on magical paths of success.

Went to Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, as part of Leftcoast envoys, saw some weird and wonderful performances, it was boiling when we was there and the tube was so hot, but everyone was really friendly and there are some great quirky shops and the market was amazing, so many vegan food stalls!

I also experienced jealousy and hatred from a past friend who really tried her best to break Tom and I up, after 9 years of being together and the relationship we have, thankfully we managed to work through it together and I feel it has made us stronger as a couple. I was so upset at the time, it seems the more you try and do wonderful things and put yourself out there, there are more people not wanting you to succeed, I feel its because they don't really want you to change and grow, it stirs up emotions in them that they don't know how to deal with. I have come to realise though, that I am not going to dim my shine because of how it makes others feel, that is an issue they have to deal with. I am just going to send them love and light and know (hopefully) one day they will awaken to their own dreams coming true. 

Had my mandala tattoo to cover up an old chinese symbol, it has made me feel like my goddess is coming out properly without apology. Rikki Baird from Retro Ink did this.

Gathered goodness from the allotment, learnt more about growing and using herbs and herbal remedies, we also moved plot from a half size to a full size that we found out floods :( something to work on next year. My oldest friend I share it with and I go and sit and chat about life and family and potter around, its like a mini escape.

I was very proud of my middle son Adam for achieving student of the year at college, I am not into certificates or grades etc, I think everyone can shine in their own way without it being independently measured by a system but I was proud because he has been homeschooled and around 12-13 I stopped teaching him anything, he chose what to do with his time and many well meaning friends/family told me I was doing him an injustice and ruining his life not having him formally educated, so well done Adam for showing them how wrong they were ;) 

Went to Blackburns lantern festival for a new friends birthday - thanks Becky, had a great time singing in the cathedral and seeing all the amazing lanterns the children had made.

I also met loads of new like minded wonderful people by going to lovely holistic events like Shakti dancing, full moon meditation, sound healing, love and health retreats. Plus the power of fb has worked its magic and I have virtually met amazing people from around the world who touch my life on a daily basis.

Published a zine

Volunteered at The Wonder Inn and took part in an brilliant hammock launch. They have some amazing holistic events on.


Experienced the amazing Empty Hands Music when I was blessed enough to attend part of their tour, thank you Linda x

before I went I was really down and crying all the time, I was sad but didn't know why and I was really unsure whether to go to the Empty Hands night, but I thought I would just go to get me out the house and find out about it, that evening changed me, I had hope again and felt so happy, I knew I had to get myself together and do something wonderful, that's when I became serious about my art. 

Saw my friends grow and do amazing things but most of all I learnt to be so grateful for everything I have, everything I have experienced, all those who touch my heart daily and the gift of life. 

 2015 was transformational, I feel like I have grown more this year than any other, I have learnt so much about myself, I have worked on my inner child, I have read so many amazing books and discovered loads of wonderful things and people including:

Bullet journalling,  for getting stuff done!

Nahko and the medicine for the people, amazing soul filled music


Planting by the moon 

Lori Portka an amazing artist

Alice Mason  Another amazing artist

               My gorgeous lovely friend Helen, you have taught me so much.

But most of all this man Tom Walsh makes my world a great place to be in, I am so grateful for the endless supply of tea, the toast at various times of day and night, the way I can be a grubby tinker and he loves me for it, the laughing, the hugs, the way we have grown together and have many adventures and look forward to so many more. I am so grateful how hard he has worked to get our new home ready, how much he does to support me and all my mad ideas, how he has always got my back and how I can always be me without judgement. I bloody love you shrew, more than all the stars in the sky x

 Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Here's to 2016 

 Love Dotty xx

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Positivity butterflies and angel art

Finished 2 commissions this week for a lovely customer I have enjoyed these so much,

 I was even staying up till 2.30am some nights sticking sequins on, its addictive!! 

These are my favourite art works so far - amazing!! 

Thank you for the opportunity and wonderful brief xx

Thank you so much for helping me do what I love, so grateful.

Love Dotty xx

These are a few of my favourite things....

These are a few of my favourite things

My favourite clothing make so far, I hand embroidered the fox on the front and got the gorgeous woodland print fabric from Birmingham market, I have been saving it ever since until the right idea came along!, it also has a red velvet waistband.

My favourite painting I have done so far, is this angel one I did for my mum many years ago as a present, when she was a little girl she used to go to the woods with my grandad collecting bluebells, he died when she was 16 so I never met him, but it affected her badly. She always loved the forest and would watch travel programmes dreaming of travelling around the world, but she never went further than Wales!

My favourite tattoo so far, I had this mandala as a cover up this year and I am totally in love with it, I can't wait to have more, it was done by Rikki Baird at Retro ink, Blackpool.

I made this birds nest hat/fascinator for a carnival ball as part of Showzam last year, it took days to dry and was such a faff, it has real moss inside it, fake birds eggs and a lovely robin (did you know if you see a robin it means a dear departed one is near, I always think of my mum when I see one) But i do love it, I keep it in a shoebox on top of my wardrobe and take it out on fancy occasions.

What about talking to animals! I love it, so many different personalities and its fascinating when you look closely at them, like at their eyelashes, just how amazing and beautiful they are. We should treasure them, love them and keep them safe always.

Mmm chocolate, but only good quality chocolate. This is my favourite chocolatiers in Manchester called Bon Bon, they do the most delicious hot chocolate infused with orange and its dairy free, its like a cup of hot velvet.

What are a few of your favourite things?

Love Dotty xx

Monday, 14 December 2015

How to completely change your life

Phew! what a busy and wonderful week for my lovely art business, I am so grateful for how well my paintings are selling and for all the wonderful comments I have been getting. It makes my heart sing and fills my soul with joy.

When I started believing in myself and my abilities the universe has conspired to make it so

I wake up in a morning excited that I get to spend the day painting and drawing, making beautiful heart centred art for lovely people. I stay up until the early hours because I am enjoying it so much.

I was even more happy when I realised I had hit over half my money target for the month in just 12 days! amazing. I love the support from the shining academy on fb, it drives me forward. I thought to myself last night, I wonder if I am busy just because its Christmas coming, then a few minutes later I got a message saying "I love your work but can't buy anything just yet, I will be buying after Christmas" I thought to myself, thank you universe for that sign!
I really can't tell you just how much I love my life and that I am so happy! Please don't think I am gloating, its taken over 5 years of online presence and 14 years being self employed to actually find something I love and that finally has given me a living wage. It takes finding that 'thing' that makes you light up and the knowledge and support from others too.

Hitting rock bottom

I have read many books on success and they all say the achievers are the ones who don't give up when they hit rock bottom, I did what loads of others do at that point and got a 'real' job where I was guaranteed a wage every week because I didn't want to spend another winter without heating or wearing hat, gloves and scarves in the house to keep warm, or to be able to go to the cupboard, freezer etc and have something to make the boys ( I remember years ago we were so poor that I made rice pudding but out of spaghetti because that all that was left, I chopped up chairs to burn on the fire because we had no money for coal and I would walk miles to a greengrocers because they had bags of potatoes for 26p.

I realised though having a 'real' job working for the council (of all people) was not for me, yes the wages are good but the time you spend faffing around doing non jobs and the harsh treatment of different parts of society was not right for me to be part of. There was so much other wonderful community stuff I could be doing instead, I quit. I then panicked because I didn't really know what to do, after this wobble, I gave myself a good talking too and realised the universe always supports you if you trust. (sometimes a really hard thing when you think you have nothing) but when you count your blessings and realise if you have a home, a bed, food and water you are so rich already. Add family or a loved one and you are practically a billionaire!

Hitting rock bottom means there is only one way you can go and that's up!

I remember being about 14 and my mum who was a single parent had no money left for gas, she was in debt from buying a washing machine and her wages was always gone after the bills had been paid (no tax credits etc then) she had 20p in her purse and sent me to phone my dad to borrow some money ( they wasn't on good terms) this took a lot for her to admit we needed help especially from him. I went to the phone box and dialled and it rang and rang, whilst waiting I was looking about as you do and there on the floor in a pile of leaves was a £20 note!. Even then the universe and law of attraction was working, I just didn't know it.

The only way is up!

 I really feel 2015 was a learning year, a year I had to experience things I wouldn't of normally to appreciate my life, all the good things, all the bad things I can look back and be thankful for because everything is a lesson.

I know 2016 is going to be amazing, we are getting a new house which is much bigger than our current home, I will have a dedicated craft/art room -how lucky am I,( I currently use the dining room) we can have a music room too which I can't wait to jam in and the kitchen/dining room is big enough to have people over to share good food and friendship.

I am looking forward to filling out my 2016 Create Your Shining Year Biz & Life workbooks and brand spanking new weekly planner when I do a closing 2015 ceremony at the end of the month.

 I wish you all so much love and success, just take a step, one small step, your future self will thank you 

Love Dotty xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Secrets to a sensual relationship

After being with your partner for 9 years things sometimes get a little lax when making an effort and time for each other in the bedroom, we absolutely still fancy the pants off each other and when we kiss I still feel tingles in my body but as with most relationships, children, pets, work and tiredness get in the way of making time for each other on the level you did when you first got together.

Thankfully we communicate really well and I had been on a love retreat at a beautiful place called Blisslands where the wonderful Dawn and Lionel made us feel so welcome, surrounded by love and light.
So when I came home I was full of love and wanted us to reconnect, when you become more in tune with your bodies and awaken your soul, the act of sex becomes something more than just a quick fix to an orgasm.

What to do?

You want to intensely connect on all levels, more than just the physical, we started off in a small step by watching a tantric massage video on Youtube to get some ideas, then we researched on a tantra website and learnt its all about breathing with each other, not losing contact by taking hands off, being conscious about the touch which we tend to do without really being aware and present and that makes a massive difference, so closing eyes and actually feeling the sensations you an feel with your hands, the difference in texture etc too. 

Photo credit

Then I got a bit carried away and bought a complete idiots guide to tantric sex because I wanted to start off with the easy stuff!
a pack of tantra cards which have lovely pictures but there is a lot of anal stuff in there and we are not really into that so we have only laughed at them really and they are collecting dust on a shelf now.

What we learned.

Its great too that you can take it in turns, so one night its your turn to receive massage (yoni) and the next time is his turn (lingam).it's important to make a big deal out of preparing your room so it is lovely and tidy , get some orange and red in there for passion such as bedding, cushions, etc, light candles, they give your skin a nice glow, have incense or oils, put some music on that you save for lovemaking, we like the lightness of being (we love Indian stuff) but you choose whatever you feel comfy with, if its your turn to be pampered, had a bath with lovely smelling bath salts etc in, dress in clothes that will make you feel good (not necessarily sexy ones) but ones you would feel like a goddess in, it is really surprising when you use all your senses before coming into contact with your partner how the passion is really rising before you even touch each other.

I won't go into personal details as I am sure my partner wouldn't be comfortable with it, and I have to respect his boundaries but I will say it was the best love making we have ever had! 

You don't have to be all flexible and get into weird positions either so don't be put off by that. 
it does take a lot of energy though and it is really important to rest and sleep afterwards, especially for men as part of their energies lifeforce is lost through orgasm. 

I will leave you with this intensely sensual video about how a woman would like a man to kiss her, that is doing the rounds of facebook friends, turn the music off on it to gain the full effect.

Watch it here

Keep communicating, learning and connecting, make time to go to bed just to cuddle and chat for an hour in the day, hold hands when watching films or out walking, kiss, snog and be silly with each other. Try not to let the fact of children get in the way of the relationship because one day they wil be grown up and you don't want to be left with a partner who you haven't any connection with. Write each other notes, smile and forget the little things like his socks on the floor or her make up on the side, these things are not important, what is important is gratitude, love and being thankful everyday you get to wake up with someone wonderful.

Love Dotty xx


Monday, 7 December 2015

Supercharge your income as an artist

Hey gorgeous souls! I want to share some on my art I have been making lately, and share how on earth I am actually selling stuff!
 if you want to keep up to date on a daily basis pop over to Facebook as I am on there a lot ;)

So I have been such a busy bee lately since I have gone ahead and become a full time artist, its amazing, I get to wear my fluffy My Little Pony pjs, eat Green and Blacks chocolate, watch films like Cinderella and paint and draw, plus get paid! I think this is THE happiest I have ever been in my whole life.

I feel truly blessed and thankful for this kind of abundance and life I am living.

How am I doing it?

You know, there are a couple of key things that have really resonated with me and I think they have been the key to me believing in myself, being able to have the knowledge and guts to go ahead and start living my dream. One is this amazing book  The magical Path by Marc Allen and his amazing meditation:

Watch his video

The other is the amazing Leonie Dawson she is an inspiration, I have joined her academy to do the business goddess workshop and it has been invaluable, the support from the groups and women you connect with is amazing. I love that it is not stuffy business and that its filled with rainbows, unicorns, love and really useful information that you can implement as a creative person.

In the academy there is a magic money making kit where you predict the total you would like to make that month (there is a brilliant workshop that goes alongside it to help you learn) I was a bit nervous about saying, too big a figure, its got to be believable for me and even though I have had mini successes in the past earning money, it's never been constant or I never thought it would be, anyway I put £500 for the month, to someone on a full time wage this probably doesn't seem that big, but you need to remember this is coming from an artist (in fact its even weird for me to call myself that, do I have permission?) but to me thats a great amount, so imagine my delight when I totalled up the amount of sales I have had for the month so far (5 days in) and it came to over half the total for the month!!
Like holy shit I am actually doing it!

I can only imagine it growing too, I have only been a member for just over a month and I feel like my life is transforming before my eyes. Its magical.

Hard work?

I do keep thinking someone is going to come and say "you can't do this, work is hard and you are having fun!"

We are conditioned at an early age with sayings that work is hard, such as:
“Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt
"Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work."Booker T. Washington
 Hard work brings prosperity; playing around brings poverty.     -- Bible
Or a favourite is well meaning parents saying you have to do a job you hate because you have to pay the bills

Yes the bills need paying, yes you need money to live but don't forgo your happiness for this, find a way that works for you and your family, do something you love and you will never work a day in your life

 Contrary to popular belief with some friends, I don't loll around in pjs all day ( I do get dressed occasionally to go out haha) I don't spend my days faffing about, eating chocolate, watching films whoops! ;) in all seriousness, I have a whale of a time but I don't keep conventional hours, I don't finish working at 5pm, sometimes if I have a commission I am up till 2.30am, the housework gets rejected until its a must, I have to literally prize myself away from the computer sometimes to go to bed, the painting canvasses is a tiny part of running your own business, especially if you are a one woman show, theres all the marketing, admin, accounts etc but I wouldn't change a thing, to some it seem like 'hard'work but to me I am loving it. You can love your life and job too.

Like my work?

If you like my art and want to help me feed my chickens, children, rescue dogs and my chocolate habit you can pop over to my Etsy page or come stalk me on Facebook, get in touch if you want a commission piece painting, I love, love doing them so much!.

Love Dotty xx