Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Our allotment

I always wanted an allotment especially after watching the good life as a child, I adored Tom and Barbara so much and thought it would be a dream come true having some pigs! 
What I didn't realise is how much hard work they are to get them into shape, I'm talking aching bodies after hours of digging, sore arm muscles after lugging bricks around, and a sore back after bending over so much. 
I always feel like I have achieved something great though and that I deserve my dinner after all that fresh air and hard work. 

We have has an allotment for just under a year now and have gone from half a plot to a full plot, the thing is its takes x full year if having a plot to know how the sun moves over the plot, what is already established and grows perennially, how it drains after a pour down and how the wind hits it, our first plot was sheltered, sunny all day and peaceful as it was at the far end of all the plots. 
Now we have moved to the bigger plot we are right in the middle of the action, overlooked by a huge house that blocks out the sun, compacted clay soil and the drainage is terrible. 
So we have gained growing room and the previous owners left us a shed which is awesome but we have lots of work to do to get it in order and with quality growing going on. 
So the above pic is when we first took over the plot, when its all sorted I will take another and show you guys. 

I have been starting to plant seeds at home and the courgettes are growing so fast already. 


 We are trying to grow as much as possible this year and be as self sufficient as possible, practising for our move to Portugal. 
I am hoping I have more success with things like butternut squash and red cabbage this year, last year they didn't grow. 


Rosie Pievaitis said...

Worthwhile but they very much are hard work! I have taken over a half plot this year, I was lucky I got one straight away the first time ever in this town there is usually a waiting list. Thankfully the guy before me put a lot of hard work in, but I am busy mulching all areas to get it under control so that I can concentrate on just the veg beds. I recommend cardboard and newspaper with a layer of mulch on top. The other half of my plot haven't appeared yet, leaving me wondering if they will and will I be able to get the other side of the plot. Talk about running before you can walk. I dream of having an affordable house with vet plot attached but like yourself look upon this time as good experience until that time. Look forward to seeing your further photos, blessings Rosie xx

Dotty Delightful said...

thanks for your comment Rosie, I agree really hard work, I want it to be done and all beautiful but everything takes so long!, I use the cardboard and mulching idea too, its a great cover up.