Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Start the day with gratitude

Start the day well 


Every morning before I open my eyes I say thank you that I am alive, I thank the bed for being cosy and giving me a good nights sleep (I rarely have a good nights sleep because of the dogs waking us up - but I pretend ;) I thank Mr Delightful for loving me and I am grateful that I am blessed enough to have a warm partner to snuggle up to (I remember when I was single how I craved to be held in bed). 
I thank the universe that its going to be a wonderful day, full of opportunities and love (today the words mysterious occurrence came to mind) I do this everyday without fail, then I recite my affirmations. 

Today though I didn't stop there, I felt every part of my body with my hands and thanked each part for the wonderful work they do, I tailored it to each part and mentally felt connected to each part and sent each part love (yes even the wobbly tummy - because I am thankful I have had 3 babies), I finished with my heart. I thanked my heart for pumping life blood around my body, for helping me feel all the love and hurts, for being my centre, for keeping me alive.
 I felt most connected to my hands, I thanked them for all the tasks they do, for helping my implement my creativity to share with the world. For giving me the ability to feel, have you ever stopped and thought about how amazing your hands are?.
Without my hands I wouldn't be able to share my beautiful art with the world. I wouldn't be able to hold loved ones and caress their faces,  I wouldn't be able to feel how soft my dogs fur is, I wouldn't be able to gently pick a tiny flower. 


Find the positives

Even in the midst of a seemingly hopeless situation, there is always something to be grateful for. You just have to find it. Sometimes the universe takes us on our journey, forces us almost down a path which we resist, something happens, for example you lose your job or your landlord sells up and you have to move, what could seem like a disaster (what about money, where will we live) could be the kick up your backside to send you onto more amazing things. We stagnate sometimes and it's easy to settle for something because its familiar but imagine what you could find or achieve if you step into the unknown.
I know from the bottom of my amazing heart that the more I am grateful, the more wonderful things happen.  I know that when I counteract a negative thought (yes I still have them) with a positive thought, my happiness improves. I know when I am truly thankful for the food I am eating, it tastes so much better. When I consciously pour a drink and silently thank the plant for providing the leaves or beans, I thank the workers for growing and picking the leaves or beans and the packagers and distributors for getting them to the store, that drink tastes so much better. 
Sending love and gratitude is the key to having an amazing life.

I am grateful for you, my gorgeous readers, knowing you are there makes me happy inside.

Love Dotty xx

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