Friday, 25 April 2014

Dear diary

I have realised I have that many things going on no matter how I try I can't keep up with this blog, but I love taking notes and writing a diary so I am going to try that approach, so from no on (hopefully if this works) my blog will be like a diary with a few pics now and then ❤
So today ❤ we went into the garden and started tidying up after the winter, I tend to leave the garden all winter and don't do much with it, I'm hoping this will change this year as we plan on being as self sufficient as possible when we get to Portugal. 
I dismantled the greenhouse, the plastic had holes in and we have had it for about 4 years so its been worthwhile. I chopped down the ivy that had spread all over the neighbours wall and chicken house and even though it looks lovely we are worried it will ruin the roof. 
Tom dismantled the spare chicken house as it was handy for baby chickens but we have 7 now so won't be getting more for a long time and it took up a lot of garden space. 
We are going to build an enclosure for the girls because they wreck the garden, dig up and eat all the veggies I plant, scratch soil everywhere and poo a lot too. At least this way they can still run about, scratch, dust bathe etc and I can grow lots of lovely food. 
We came in for lunch, today we had jacket potatoes, salad and quorn southern fried bites ( even though they are not fried you cook them in the oven)
We did plan on going to town to buy a garden incinerator to burn the wood but it started to rain so I tided my clothes up in our bedroom, I have a habit of changing outfits many times before deciding which is comfy for that day and I discard them all over our bedroom so it's like a jumble sale rather than a zen love pad! When it gets to the point that there are more clothes on the floordrobe than on hangers I tidy up. 
Then I got my pjs on and did some laptop work, answering emails, social networking etc, I started writing a booklet called Unleash your power but my laptop froze so gave up and put on The last temptation of Christ as a friend recommended it, I only watch about an hour, I didn't really like it, it reminded me of when my mum used to make me watch god films as a kid. So I am going to watch the secret life of Mary Poppins instead. Hope you had a lovely Friday x
Photo from last year in the garden