Saturday, 28 April 2012

be a radiant goddess

As you already know if you read my blog often, is that I adore Godess leonie, her website is aimed at all women and girls to become even more fabulous than you are now. Her videos are uplifting and her smile is infectious. So you can imagine how excited and please I was to recieve an email with her new radiant goddess programme on it! The Radiant Goddess e-course is a 21 day journey to discovering the radiant goddess in you. This e-course comes with nutrition and movement plans, meditations, a recipe plan & soulful goddess projects to help you shine all over: mind, body and spirit! This is perfect if you’re ready to be moving, meditating, eating & discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way. Ready to feel blissed out, inspired & radiant?

I really can't wait for this to start, I love the energy and happiness I get after being on Goddess Leonies website, its like a big virtual hug x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lovely Badger

If your a regular reader of my blog you will know just over a month ago we rescued a puppy from the animal sanctuary, the first couple of weeks were hard settling in together but now I couldn't imagine life without him. He's the most loving dog, we have bonded really closely and he's like my shadow everywhere I go he's next to me. In the afternoon he cries if he's not picked up for a cuddle!! We have had a trip out to Brock bottom in my friends car and he was a perfect passenger, he slept most of the journey curled up on my knee(his favourite place to be). My youngest has started a paper round so me and badger go with him twice a day for walks and it's lovely to have chats with him ( my son not the dog!). I was being hard on myself booking in a craft fair to do every weekend and felt drained, when I made the decision to do them less often I felt relieved and have been able to relax and enjoy being a mum again. Hope your having a fabulous week xxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Why do you have children????

Sometimes you read something that you think oh my goodness I could of wrote that, well this is one of those times, as a homeschooler it sickens and angers me when I hear other parents moaning about the school holidays, whinging a few minutes after picking up their children from school, not appreciating they are blessed and luck to have been given the opportunity to become parents. So when I read Julia's blog post I had to share it, I completely agree 100% with everything she says in it.

This is to introduce you to her post:

"I am absolutely sick and oh so very tired of hearing negative remarks about children and young people.

Every school holiday I hear numerous parents openly telling their children that they can't wait until the schools return so they can get some peace and quiet. I switch on the radio to hear the DJ saying that she "hopes the children aren't driving you too mad" and "Don't worry, just a few more days to put up with the children before the schools return - the end of the nightmare is nigh."

Why is this OK?

I have lost count of the number of negative connotations aimed towards my children when I have been in their presence. I've had supermarket cashiers suggesting that I will be "relieved when the children go back to school" - despite those children just standing at my side causing me no stress or worry whatsoever, often these very same 'nuisance children' are even helping me to pack the shopping into bags and I'm thankful for their presence"

To carry on reading the full article go to her blog Classroom free

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A bit better

Today me and my fellow had a big heart to heart about Badger, it was hard and filled with tears but we have decided to keep him and I will get more help with him which is a nice relief as I felt I had too much to do, Chris has been better today with the dog, he has been stroking him and even had him in his knee so that's a blessing. My fellow took the day off work and it's been great just enjoying Badger instead of stressing out.
My eldest has applied for a job, I don't mention him to much as our relationship is strained, he's 17, has aspergers and is very awkward to talk to. I have my fingers crossed he gets it to elevate the tension.
I have a craft fair coming up on Saturday at Cedar Farm which is a lovely day out, I'm hoping it will be a busy one with it being Easter, here's a photo of my stall from last week

Monday, 2 April 2012

Busy life of a new mum

No I haven't had a miracle pregnancy, we got a puppy!, hence my dissapearance from blog land. His name is Badger. Gosh I thought it would be all fun and games, I imagined this perfect life where the children frolicked in the garden with the dog and I had more time to create and just get on with an outdoorsy life.! Pah!! What a fool I was thinking that, it's just like having a newborn except you can catch wee in a nappy with a newborn and if you put it in one place it tends to stay there, with new puppy my hours are spent crying, trying to get him outside to wee, checking he's not chewing wires/chairs/clothing/hands etc the list is endless, ferrying him from one place to another depending in what task I'm trying to get in with. Plus having to cope with an erratic 13 year old who is petrified of him (same child that wanted a dog!) he stays locked behind doors/barricades/walls etc and will only stroke the dog if he is being held. I rang up a dog training woman to come out and help him get over his fear, she laughed so hard on the phone at me!
Anyway the main things I enjoy are his walks although he stops for every person he sees in the hopes of a cuddle and if they ignore him he cries!, I also enjoy when he's asleep on my knee, saves putting the heating in and his snoring makes me sleepy, not that I need help with being tired seen as though he wakes up at knob head o clock for wees! I'm not sure if we have done the right thing getting a dog to be honest, I thought we had thought it through, we're responsible adults who discussed it carefully but still I'm in shock of how little I can get in with at the moment, puppies are a lot more work than you imagine.
On the upside he is cute and people keep telling me he will be easier when he's older but I've heard that about children and I'm still waiting!!!