Friday, 17 July 2015

Do you wet yourself when you sneeze?

Let's talk about stress incontinence, something many ladies encounter but don't really talk about because let's face it, wetting yourself when you sneeze or run is a bit embarrassing. The thing is, I think we should talk about these kind of things because when we do, you don't feel so alone. I bought my boys a large trampoline a few summers ago ( at the time I was 35) and I was really excited to have a go on it, happy childhood memories came flooding back to me, until the first bounce. I did a wee, the more I bounced the more I wee'd. I got off and put a pad in some clean knickers, I went back on the trampoline and bounced again, it kept coming, it was embarrassing, I didn't realise the boys had been watching from their window, they said it was gross I wee'd on the trampoline and they didn't want it anymore, I left it up for a while in the vain hope they would go on it but they never did, in the end I gave it away. I was gutted to because I loved the thought of excercising in a fun way, plus rebounding is meant to be really good for you.

When I am walking down the street I have to cross my legs before I sneeze otherwise I wet myself. I try and do those kegel excersise but they make me feel weird. I know there are surgical treatments you can have, but I wouldn't go that far, just yet. After having 3 boys I expected to be a little 'loose' down there but never thought it would come to this.

Research published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that as many as one in three women have one or more embarrassing "down there" issues, including stress incontinence so I am not alone and neither are you! In fact millions of women suffer from it.

Breaking the silence on these taboo subjects will hopefully make us all feel a little more normal and we can support each other by sharing our stories and get help if we need it too. So come on ladies, who is brave enough to share your stories too? x