Monday, 11 June 2012

What a lovely Sunday

On Sunday I was at art in the park in Lytham, the event organised by the talented screen printer Robin Ross was held a Lytham Hall a big Georgian house a few miles from where I live, our stalls were inside a courtyard where the sun shone brightly in the middle, the stall holders kept gathering for a warm!, I met some lovely people, the world is full of undiscovered talent. I didn't really take much, only sold two owls but the company and location far made up for it. I met a brilliantly charged artist who is off to Montana to live with native Americans, he had a great vibe about him and made me feel so creatively empowered. I also met a fantastic up and coming artist, she's 18, paints amazing animals and is super talented.
After trading had finished Letty my wonderfully talented glass artist friend and I went around the gorgeous grounds full of trees and birds. We stood by a lily pond and just listened it was amazing, the sounds of the different birds chirping and cooing was awesome.
I love being surrounded by green, nature and pure earth it makes the end of the week feel like a new beginning ❤