Friday, 3 April 2009

Trois poulets et légumes grandissants

Nearly 3 weeks old and already grown so much, it is crazy to think just a few weeks ago these chicks were in an egg! What has amazed us is how very different each one is in personality and they are a constant source of entertainment. They make us smile and laugh out loud sometimes especially when they chase each other for a sacred piece of sawdust or porridge oat even though there are thousands of other bits all over. There feathers have grown a lot too and they have fluffy tail feathers which look so cute when they are walking about.
This is what made us smile today, this cat - its not ours - spotted the chicks enjoying the sunshine and sat on the windowsill watching them you could almost imagining him licking his lips at the thought of the taste. We shut the blind and the cat just moved along to the next window to peer in, in the end Chris (youngest) had had enough and went out and chased the cat away!.
The little saplings are sunflowers to take to our home school meeting for the church garden, I am growing loads of things in the front window its a really sunny spot and acts like a greenhouse. The things that are growing best so far are the sunflowers, peas, sweetcorn, spring onions, tomatoes, Garlic and carrots. Hopefully the runner beans, lettuce, butternut squash, pumpkins and herbs will catch up.
I am slowly sorting out the back garden which is a long slow process, I have been really enjoying the sunnier weather and making the most of it by getting out and digging over the plot that is going to hopefully see us right for our fruit and veg for the coming year. This time I have started early so with the help of Carol Klein's grown your own veg and lots of time reading on the net I hope it will fair better than last year.
Trouble with all this gardening lark is my back wrecks! Time for another massage I think.
The kids have been starting nature journals and learning off this site they love it and it has encouraged them to learn languages, I will definitely subscribe when our free trial runs out. Thank you to this blog for adding the link in the first place.