Thursday, 30 December 2010

My second craft fair

My second craft fair went really well, it was held in the main church in our town and although the snow lay thick on the floor and it was so cold outside people came. I must say though because it was on the 18th Dec and close to Christmas I did feel under pressure to get things done, I had also been poorly so lost a few days making too. My hats sold really well, I was pleased but also surprised, you know my bf is always telling me how good my things are but even though I believe him it's always nice to hear strangers say it, it gave me a real boost.
The naughty tinker elves at the back went off to some good homes, apart from 2 who are sulking here with me!! I called them tinkers and a friend pointed out that in Ireland that's what Gypsies are called!! I am still going to call them tinkers as I don't mind gypsies anyway.

My bunting said "Dotty Delightful" after my shop and misi page, I had loads of fun and can't wait to do another one, I just wish here in Blackpool there was more going on culturally, I know individuals try and organise things but the council make it hard and also people don't tend to turn up to events much either. We had loads of empty shops right in the middle of town that could be used to hold fairs and such, it seems so silly them sat there doing nothing.
I would love a shop again (I used to have a vintage/retro clothes shop), I really enjoyed doing the window displays and it is so nice to talk to people, some have such interesting things to say. I also have some rather funny stories from my shop days too, like the one where a man asked if he could try on clothes and then took this large holdall (shoplifter I thought) and a woman's dress into the changing room. He was in there ages, I knocked on the door and asked if he was OK, I wont type what I heard but put it this way it's something you should only do in private!. I knocked loudly and said we are shutting now, you need to come out.....he did wearing a blond wig, full makeup and one of my dresses, heels and stockings! I didn't quite know what to say and tried hard not to look shocked or laugh, he asked if he looked OK!!. I said yes but he had to change as we were shutting (he had been in shop about 2 hours now), he then spent ages longer back in the changing room and asked if he could stay all night, he asked to be locked in so he could try on more stuff!! My friend called her boyfriend and he had to be rather stern with the poor fellow!. I did kinda feel sorry for him as he said he felt free dressed up, but not so sorry after I found the dress covered in ...use your imagination :{

Sunday, 26 December 2010

woo post 100, christmas and snow Brrrrr

Its been over a month since last posting and do you know it drives me mad, thinking I'm a bad blogger etc but the thing is I spend ages reading other peoples blogs and then have no time left to write anything, so I have decided I shall not label myself any longer as a bad blogger but as a good blog reader!!
Well we have had in no particular order....colds, flu-ish type thing which I don't want to call flu because it is Sooo overused to class everything ill related in winter to flu, ohh and going off on a tangent here, have you been reading about the swine flu jab and how certain people in the media are writing, pregnant mothers should have it or they could harm their unborn babies - how bloody irresponsible is that, I would hazard a guess that they real ingredients in the jabs are more likely to harm them. I keep getting a doctors letter advising me to have one as I have asthma but that is not happening. Our bodies re chemically polluted enough just living in this world without having more pumped in so big pharma can get richer-Crazy.
On a lighter note and going back to what we have been up to, I did my second craft fair and although the snow was deep and uneven and bloomin' freezing I still did really well, much better than last year. I really enjoyed chatting to people and enjoyed it when people who don't know me liked my things, I sold bags, plush toys and hats the most. I can't wait to do another one but the prep for it made me so tired. The week before it I became ill, with the (not) flu, I spent a couple of days led on the sofa feeling sorry for myself but it was frustrating too as my arms ached so I couldn't knit or crochet anything, I felt like I had wasted loads of time doing nothing. Chris picked it up next but was thankfully better after a few days of the sniffles. He has been loving the snow, bouncing on the snow covered trampoline much to the disgust of our boring neighbours!I made everyone apart from my eldest who by this time had got the (not) flu, come out to our local park, to say it was a disaster was putting it mildly, imagine slippy boots, freezing toes and hands, breathing in ice air, crying, moaning and grumbling and me saying "ohh how lovely, how beautiful the now is" and then you will get the idea. I got home really disappointed we had not had the perfect outing, I hate the way I look at magazines and watch certain Christmas home shows and feel like we should be more perfect, we should have a grand decorated house, the children should all be lovely to each other and me and my bf should dance in the snow whilst singing gaily, not quite the real picture though is it. My poor hard done to (having me as his gf) bf, freezing in our lovely winter wonderland park....

I love this photo and want to enlarge it for our wall, the boys are actually sat in front of the lake which is frozen solid, the poor ducks and swans seem so miserable....

Me bundled up with my sprightly youngest, whom I'm happy to say loves the outside as much as me, in front of the lake, there were footprints all over it too, some people are so stupid, I have even seen full families on the lake with little toddlers, Crazy....

Poor ducks, our chickens have had cold bums these past few days, we have been putting extra bedding in and each morning and having to defrost their water whilst in my dressing gown and bobble hat is very fetching.
Well I hope you all had a jolly Christmas whatever you celebrate, my oldest boy and middle one have the (not) flu so spent the day coughing ( sorry but how long do you last before you want to shout "STOP coughing" at them?) snotting everywhere, shivering, leaving their Christmas dinner and sleeping, the rest of us ate, drank numerous cups of hot drinks, played games and slept by the fire. It was OK, not great, not awful just OK, but then again it's only one day out of a whole year and I'm looking forward to the other days when everyone is well, the tiredness is gone and we can smile and dance gaily whilst holding hands....Yeah right ;)