Sunday, 24 May 2015

The only things growing are weeds and fruit!

Spent another Sunday afternoon at the allotment today, after upgrading from a half plot to full size it's been hard work, there is so much prep to do, the soil is very heavy clay and every time it rains it ends up flooded. Weeds appear overnight and the seeds don't grow!
One thing that is doing well are the fruit trees, if nothing else we will have an abundance of fruit to eat!

The blossom on the apple trees are gorgeous, so delicate and pretty. There are various blossom colours too depending on which type of apple tree they are on. Which I didn't know before getting this plot. 

Today Tom my DH had the job of taking down the poly tunnel frame that was all bent out of shape with the wind and was beyond saving, it's such a shame as the cover is in perfect condition, were hoping to save up to buy a new one. 

I spent the afternoon digging and trying to straighten out a big slope at the top of the patch, the soil was full of plastic, bricks, roots from a tree and rocks, I got cramp in my bum cheek and my shoulders are killing now from digging so much! I planted a load of potatoes in it after clearing the rubbish in the hopes they will improve the soil.

Some buttercups and marigolds have appeared since last week, finally a bit of colour coming through. 

Our watercress is growing abundantly too, it's in a rain butt and has just started to flower, the roots on it are huge! Our chickens love watercress and we have an old fish tank in the garden with it growing in for them. 

Please pray for my seeds to grow and the weeds to piss off! 
Happy gardening!