Thursday, 3 December 2015

Question everything especially Black Friday

For a long time now I have felt like levels of my brain have been waking up to new thoughts and the old thoughts are being replaced by wtf is that about, I have been trying to convey this but couldn't put it into words, then today the beautiful soul Amelia at Amelia Awakening love wrote this:

Waking up:

I have started to question more and more all the things that I have gone along with for years in one way or another, because they do not make any sense to me no matter how I look at them!
Halloween this year for me was a none event, I can not understand the fascination with dressing up as death and parading around looking like a serial killer....I choose not to watch the TV for the very reason that it glorifies violence and horror.
Then Bonfire night came and went for a week or two and for once I asked myself what is everybody doing and why don't they question it? I can barely remember the story behind it that I was "told" as a child and who knows if it actually ever happened right? Also why does it matter? What difference has it actually made?
The other thing that struck me is the fireworks...what's in those things? People pay a lot of money for them and they could be releasing hundreds of chemicals into the atmosphere unwittingly, which is what I fully believe is happening. Never mind fracking the obvious one what about bonfire night?! I have decided there will be no trees up in my house this December, something I have also started to question...who planted that idea in our minds and why do we all so mindlessly go along with it and not question anything?
I will probably put some fairy lights on, but only because they are cosy at this time of year and you can actually see them!
I can see now that this "society" is all about worshiping consumerism like a god, as we get sucked into the next available "idea" to drain us of our finances and maybe tempt us into some debt?
There are so many "days" for this and that, almost every day of the year is a reason to buy something and it's usually focused around the things that are harmful to our bodies!
Don't get me wrong I'm not against owning material things, but I am disgusted by the sheer volume of "concepts" being fabricated to drum up money for various causes that never ever make any difference and line the pockets of those that support war, violence and big pharma to name a few. 

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Black Friday....what is that all about? Who wants to fight over a TV or anything for that matter to get a discount before Christmas and then wait for it, two days afterwards all the sales start.... is anybody noticing the madness that's being inflicted here, it can't just be "me"....
Question everything....and yes it's going to make you say **** a lot when you do and when you realise how deep this rabbit hole goes. Be mindful of your choices and what you are supporting.
Love Love Amelia (DP)

I couldn't agree more, have you been thinking simlar things? Have you spent any of the holidays differently this year? we didn't celebrate any and as for Christmas, we have asked relatives to send what they were going to spend on us to a dog charity in Cyprus where we rescued one of our dogs from. We have everything we need already.

Love Dotty x

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