Friday, 6 May 2016

My indian inspired 40th birthday party

It was my 40th Birthday on May 5th and to celebrate I had an Indian inspired party, the first party in our new home. The guests brought Indian themed, dairy free and meat free food to share, I asked if they had any instruments to bring those too so we could have a big jamming session. I didn't expect any gifts but if they had something lovely to share with myself and others like indian head massages, a poem, a meditation, a mantra, a dance etc that would be just lovely. But I ended up with some amazing presents, really felt spoilt. We had a cacao ceremony, lots of hugs, fun and singing.

My friend who shares the same birthday as me did some henna on my hands, I love it and want to keep it forever!

My Indian inspired shrine, complete with some of my favourite things and a painting I made of Lakshmi, who is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual)

We made tissue paper pom poms, you take 6 pieces of tissue paper and fold them in a fan, long ways, then secure them in the middle with string or wool, fold in half and then tease the sheets out on either side, there are plenty of tutorials on the web for them.

 I made an arch out of cardboard, its orange and hot pink and has stick on gems and my drawings on it and I got these lantern lights from the £1 shop.

I loved that guests made the effort to buy outfits for my party and they all looked so beautiful, I felt like an exotic princess! You can view the full set of birthday photos on my facebook page.

Love Dotty xx


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