Sunday, 1 May 2016

Colouring canvases and lack of sleep

Check out my latest idea -
Relieve stress while creating art for your walls with a Coloring Canvas, use felt tip pens to colour in and enhance this amazing illustration hand drawn by me, each one unique, I take commissions or you can find these on Etsy
I have also thought it would be a good idea to paint and decorate paper fans but after the paint dried it wouldn't close properly and was a real pain and a faff, so I won't be bothering with that again.

 We have decided to give the dogs their own bedroom, we are so tired everyday from them sleeping in our bedroom, its really annoying how they wake us up loads of times in the night, so we have been taking it in turns to co-sleep with them in their bedroom until they get used to being in there. Every other night I get a decent nights sleep, its like having babies, it's crazy!

I am working on my 40th Birthday party too now, its going to be Indian themed and today I am threading hot pink flowers onto invisible thread to make garlands. I am realy excited for it and going to attempt to make Mojito mocktails and we are sharing Indian food and hopefuly having a cacao ceremony too.

Love Dotty xx

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