Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Feeling grateful everyday

It is true you know, once your eyes are opened to another level and world there is no going back. Sometimes it's kind of difficult knowing but mostly it's amazing. I often wonder whether I would go back to where I was still closed off to the magic. But life now is wonderful and beauty is everywhere through time and space and on all levels and realms.

 Sometimes you just have to take a minute and really appreciate what you have got and feel grateful for this moment right now. Sometimes life happens and we get tired, sad, feel inadequate or even poor, but really when you think about it you are living someone else's dream life. You are rich in so many ways already, whether its the friends you have, the love from a partner, children, a home, a bed to sleep in, inner peace, a garden, pets etc there are other people who wish they had these things, be grateful today and everyday for you and your wonderful life. I know I am, I am so grateful for the water that comes out the taps, for heat at the flick of a switch, for my health, for my legs and feet that take me where I want to go, for my eyes so I can see the beauty in the world, for my ears to listen to music, my hands to create art, space to grow plants, chickens for fresh eggs, the love I have for myself, space to create, a comfy bed to sleep in, the list is endless.

 How blessed am I!

Really excited that this art I finished last week had loads of love from friends, so I have had it made into prints which are available for £15 on my Etsy store or through Facebook 


Hope you are having a wonderful week, I am really excited to be going to Conscious camp this weekend, it was such a suprise because I wanted to go for ages but don't drive and it's in Wales (I am in Blackpool), so when my feind texted me yesterday to see if I wanted a lift i was overjoyed. I am going to take my camera and will upload some photos when I get back. 

Love Dotty xx

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