Tuesday, 30 March 2010

making, reading and baking, just a normal rainy day

The clocks went forward, now time flies by and before I know it, it's 1.51am again, I'm still up on the computer or knitting or reading in bed, sometimes I'm playing trivial pursuit with my lovely fella and nodding off on his shoulder, the days blend into each other and I'm sure old man time has got his seconds and minutes mixed up.
Last night was horrid, my youngest got into our bed with tummy ache which turned into trips to the loo and being sick, he cried and cried, I couldn't help him, I just rubbed his head and snuggled up with him, eventually very early this morning we fell asleep, when he woke he was right as rain. I have spent today in a sleepy blur, feeling ratty and my head hurt. Now when all the children are fast asleep I'm wide awake and my mind is full of creative things and I'm sure I will dream tonight again and have a very naff sleep and tomorrow will be the same fast clock, hours lost blur.
On a more cheerful note my book arrived, its a fantastic, really lush book. It's by French General and it is ring binded so the pages don't close on you whilst your following a pattern, the texture of the cover relates as luxurious and like you know a treat is going to be inside... In the front cover there is this gorgeous envelope full of templates and patterns and alphabet transfers....
there are some basic patterns and some more trickier ones, I like the mix of it all, there are 30 designs for around the house including the much over used lavender heart! I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in sewing, shabby chic and romance because it is abundant with all three.

We have a problem, we have had it for too long, our beautiful cast iron bed is not very comfy when you sit up in it to read, your head ends up between the bars and your ears stick out the front, the other problem we have is the cushions on the bed, its a real ball ache finding somewhere to put them at night (that's not the floor) so I combined both problems and came up with a solution, introducing the "head bed cushion holding reading rest" - that's going to be copy righted hehe....
its actually much prettier in real life, I just used a vintage sheet, measured how long I wanted it across the bed, cut and edged the seams, added hearts filled with lavender to the front part, folded it in half and sewed it together to make a long bag shape, added four sets of satin ribbon to hang it with and then popped my cushions (the red bits sticking out) in it and now more sore heads! The extra cushion on the bed will end up on the floor probably because it won't fit!!.
My baking consisted of a lemon, poppy seed spelt loaf and a vegan carrot cake which was very yummy indeed. Off now to challenge my fellow to a quick game in bed -trivial pursuit ladies please!!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Your bed cushion is a wonderful idea!!! And so lovely, too! Thank you for visiting my blog today and for your sweet comment! =)

Gina said...

That bed cushion is so pretty!

Could you email me (miaeileen@aol.com)with your email address as I've switched our blog to a private setting and need to send you an invite to carry on reading, assuming that you want to of course :)

Love Gina xx

Anonymous said...

Hi - may have to investigate that book, it looks fab!Thanks for joining in the fun.xx