Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Diane Goldie and the colour revolution

I found out about an amazing artist today, Diane Goldie. She creates the most beautiful wearable art pieces, so rich and colourful, I am in total love.

“Maybe I’m not ‘fuckable’... that’s fine — I’m not for you to fuck,” declares the London artist and stalwart feminist Diane Goldie. Draped in colorful Frida-inspired clothes and jewelry that she made herself, Diane is a wise and unapologetic matriarch. In a society that wants women past 30 to look 21 or disappear, the 51-year-old unabashedly asserts her visibility through her bold style while teaching her granddaughter that girls don’t have to make their naturally-grown body hair disappear.
What really lays bare Diane’s strength is how she has confronted her own personal demons -- mainly, a mom whose narcissism made her unable to confront the fact that her 13-year-old daughter was being abused by a 36-year-old paedophile. “After he raped me, I lost ownership of my body,” Diane says. “It became the vehicle in which I pleased other people.” To see how Diane regained control of her body and is now using it to “smash the patriarchy,” watch her video above! - words from the website Style like u

Follow Diane on Instagram: @dianegolide  or follow her on Pinterest: Diane London


Sometimes things happen at just the right time, in fact all things happen at the right time but sometimes we are more aware of it, so I have been feeling low the past few days and doubt myself a lot, I doubt my abilities to ever move from this town in which I was born, I doubt my creativity and that people will love what I make, I doubt my body and really want to love it, wobbles and all, i doubt that I am attractive from the neck down because of the clothes I wear, I get funny looks all the time in town, woman laugh at me, teenagers call me names and men look at me like I'm bonkers. I dress for myself and comfort, not to please anyone else but it does get on my nerves sometimes, I also clocked myself in sainsburys window and saw my bloomers sticking out under my skirt, then big fisherman type thick socks and my grubby trainers and I thought "oh my god no wonder people look at me weird haha"

So this morning as I got dressed I was trying to better match some socks to my rainbow tights and thought, maybe I should just buy a pair of jeans, I mean thousands of other people wear them, am I missing out on something? and then I went online to do some blogging and discovered my friend had shared the above video, so the jeans idea can piss off and I will carry on being me again, I love how fabulous and embracing Diane is of herself, I am working on that, (always a work in progress).

^ A little array of the kind of things I wear, that second to last photo was taken a few years ago, I was much thinner then! that's what biscuits and cake do to you haha.


If you follow me on facebook, you might recall last year I wanted to start a happy colours clothes revolution in UK, because of this: I love making clothes and wearing combinations that make me feel beautiful. Today I went to town in the pink skirt in the last picture, I had a bridal net underskirt under in which peeks out of the bottom and floral docs, the amount of filthy looks and stares like I was an alien I got (mainly off women) was crazy, I often don't really care what people think or if they stare, after all I live in Blackpool in the dreary north of UK where the folk wear black and grey clothes but today it made me think, why is it so wrong or not normal to wear colour? little girls wear lots of colour and loads of pink, at what age does it become wrong and the 'adult' wear has to be bleak and dark colours? I looked out over the high street and surveyed the sea of jeans and black coats, the only bits of coloured clothes was on children and a disabled lady.
This is sad really. In other countries women wear glorious coloured clothes and are deemed beautiful. I think women should encourage each other to look lovely and support each other by smiling and not sneering. It just reminds me of bullying and that's not nice.

So pledge your alliance to Dotty wear and this week choose to wear an outfit the does not include grey or black. Make sure you tag your photos #Dottywear on twitter or instagram or tag me on facebook so I can see you in all your gorgeous glory!

Share this and lets see how far around the UK this can travel. 

Lovely colours = happy 

Love Dotty xx

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