Thursday, 12 November 2015

Losing friends and don't know why?

I always say friends are like flowers, some are annual, so only around for a short time, some are bi-annual so they remain in the background, popping up now and then and then there are perrenial friends, who are there for you always, as we change and grow on our journey some friends, even perrenials wont 'get you', they just won't understand why you have changed. They may feel hurt because they are stuck (but don't know it) and feel the distance between you growing bigger.

It is not your job to 'fix' them, it is up to them to accept you and your changes and also to work on themselves why they feel this way (sometimes this won't happen of course and you end up parting ways). Once you become awakened or conscious, you can't go back. 
 I have had friends, ones that I have known for 12+ years say hurtful things, like 'why are you wearing THAT!? you're not in costume you know' or when I was being picked up by a friend for a day out 'You're not coming out like that with me, go back in and put normal clothes on'. These 'friends' thought it was ok to speak to me in that way because 12 years ago I wore jeans and a T-shirt and they are still stuck in that time.

I also love the eye rolling, when you talk about something like how your job is now being an artist. They patronise you with comments and sometimes even offers of money 'if you are struggling' (even though I haven't mentioned anything about money, just my passion for making beautiful art).

Understanding levels

We have to understand though, that we have come a long way and grown on our paths in life and some people are still at a crossroads or stuck in a dead end. 

My yoga teacher summed it up really well, she said we are all on levels, level 5 being the highest spiritually awakend, level 1 is your average un-concious, robot like person (when I say robot I mean stuck in the 9-5, watching tv, listening to the news) when dealing with people if you class them as a level in your head, it makes it easier to understand where they are coming from and to have empathy for the words they speak or there actions. 

I have been doing Leonie Dawson's business goddess Ecourse (which is amazing by the way) which says you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so choose carefully!

So going back to my yoga teachers level idea, you need to discover which level you are and then surround yourself with your level or higher to enable you to grow. 

As you proceed, on your journey, it's sad to say farewell to old friends but it is also important for you to realise this is not your fault, you haven't done anything wrong, you are not a bad friend, life changes, people change and some remain exactly the same (I am sure you all know someone who is living the exact same lifestyle now, that they did in there early 20's. We are meant to evolve, we are meant to learn, we are meant to change. So do it safe in the knowledge that you will make new friends who resonate with your soul.

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