Saturday, 21 November 2015

Becoming a goddess

I went to an amazing dance, drum and meditation workshop last night at Chakra studios in Penwortham and I woke up this morning realising the goddess inside is slowly blossoming and I am letting her out into the world without shame or embarrassment. The fine balance of my inner child, goddess and woman is pulling and pushing, I am learning to align myself so each and every wonderful part of me blooms.

Sometimes I feel like I am watching from the outside, peering in and this weird creature trying to find herself in a sea of devastation, trying to access all this amazing energy that shines from lightworkers, I realise that the words I use have changed, that the universe has opened it portal for me to enter and this is weird to people, this is like I am wearing a costume in a play written by someone else.

But I feel so myself now, I feel like this is the true me that has come out and wants to encourage other women to do the same. be brave, be fearless (I still wobble when I get the look or the comments from the level 1s) I am not wholly confident (even though you guys looking in would think I am).

I wonder about going back, can you go back once your eyes have been opened, can you undo all the knowledge?  I really don't think you can, I think that you have come so far and you can only go forward.

Women have so many identities, so many strings in the bow to keep going, carers, mothers, friends, sisters, nurses, cooks etc we have to be all of that plus so much more.

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and many beautiful gorgeous goddesses that are doing amazing things in the world, thank you all for just being <3 br="">

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