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Menstruation truths

The more in touch with myself and the universe I have become, the more sensitive I am especially around my period, for a couple of days leading up to the blood flowing, I am ratty, weepy and feel off balance, then when my blood flows, the lower back ache begins, I cry a lot, I think of all the tragedy in the world and feel helpless. I wallow in my own world for a couple of days, I choose to keep my pj's on and watch films, mainly romance or happy ones, I nap, I knit or crochet or draw. It never used to be this way, before I was 'aware' I used to plow on with life and shout, scream and cry, mainly though I was a real grumpy bitch to live with. I believed I was conditioned that PMS is OK and that it was like this for all women (at least that's what the media portrays).

I am still not as crunchy as many women when it comes to periods and menstruation blood, I still use unbleached pads, I would like to make my own to reuse when this box runs out, I don't fancy a mooncup as I get cramps and think it would feel uncomfy to me. A couple of cycles ago I used some fabric to collect my blood and put it on the soil where chili peppers are growing, this did feel a little weird to me but I felt connected, this last cycle I had the urge to squat outside and let my blood drop on the earth (I didn't do it because my ego wouldn't allow it in case the neighbours saw).

I am on a journey, as we all are though and one day I will go with the flow and do exactly as my body wants. Until then I am really glad of the way the Internet connects us to others who are further on their journey to inspire us and make us feel like we are still OK.

The magic of menstruation

I love Wild Woman Speaks Blog, she speaks so much truth.
This is an extract of one of her posts:

Here are the top five things I've learned about the magic of menstruation over the course of my experience in naturalizing my moon cycle:

1. Women are powerful when bleeding. When I think of women's power while bleeding, I always think of this quote by Mary Crow Dog in her book, Lakota Woman: "Menstruating women should not take part in ceremonies because a woman's period is considered so powerful that it wipes out any other power and renders rituals ineffective."
In many cultures that came before us, a woman was considered to be extremely powerful while she was bleeding. This is far from the case in our current society, where women's menstruation has come to be considered essentially a pathology. Certain cultures even believed women's menstrual blood to be the "Amrita" or nectar, containing magical healing properties. We can learn from these cultures who have come before us as we choose to re-sacralize our moon cycle.

2. Women are highly intuitive and even psychic whilst bleeding. I find that when I'm on my moon cycle, I enter an even more heightened state of intuition. I believe that all women are highly intuitive by nature, but my experience has shown me that it is even more increased while we menstruate. I feel far more "psychic nudges" while I am bleeding, and feel that I receive even more clear readings on people and guidance toward what is next on my path in life. This is not uncommon for women to experience feelings of being "psychic" while menstruating. It simply requires a deeper level of listening and opening to receiving the wisdom that is available to us during our moon cycle.

3. Women are inclined to self-heal during their moon cycle. My experience of my moon cycle has been that any challenges in my life that I have yet to deal with, come up to be addressed when I am bleeding. If there is a conversation I've been putting off having with someone, an issue arising in my work, or something in general in my life that doesn't seem to be in the flow, that challenge comes straight to the forefront during my moon cycle. It feels like it comes straight to the surface, asking to be dealt with or healed so that I can move forward into the rest of my cycle operating with clarity.

4. We self-cleanse when we menstruate. That's right, our menstrual cycle provides us with a free monthly physical AND emotional cleanse. When we menstruate, our blood is carrying all kinds of toxins out of our body with it. How magical is that? Not only does is our body naturally ridding ourselves of toxins during our menstruation, but I believe our moon cycles are an opportunity for emotional "purging" of sorts. Think "PMS". While our moon cycles can be deeply pleasurable, they are often a time when we release intense anger, rage, sadness, grief, etc. I see this as an opportunity where we can "feel it to heal it", in a sense, allowing ourselves to release the emotion.

5. Women's bodies are synchronized with the lunar cycle. A woman's menstrual cycle as a whole is structured to follow the same flow as the lunar cycle. Traditionally, women tended to bleed with the New Moon and ovulate with the Full Moon, our bodies cleansing and renewing with the dying back of the Dark Moon and coming to fertile abundance with the growing Full Moon. The average woman's menstrual cycle is 29.5 days, as is the lunar cycle. I find the connection between our menstruation and the lunar cycle to be so magical, knowing that our bodies are cosmically connected to the Universe at all times. Looking up at the moon (or lack thereof depending on the phase) is a beautiful reminder of the magic that lives within our body as a woman.

Read the whole thing here

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