Thursday, 5 November 2015

Like a butterfly emerging....

Do you remember the post I wrote about following my dreams? well if you are a regular reader you may of noticed a makeover on the blog, I have spent the past couple of days re-branding to fit in with me and my journey, when I started blogging 5 years ago I was a very different person to who I am now, the old image doesn't fit anymore, it served its purpose for who I was then but now I am emerging like a butterfly into my own being.

I did a makeover on my website and Etsy page plus my Facebook pages too, phew I have been busy!

I am trusting in the universe that my dream can come true, I have signed up to Leonie's Academy to guide me on my way and I have even cleaned my home from top to bottom to give me the boost I need to get creating in a more organised way. I feel I have grown up and realised who I am and what I'm meant to be doing this past year. And I love it!!!

I wanted to share these cards I finished last night, I am in love with the rainbow colours on these.

You know change is a good thing but sometimes it's hard when you have to leave others behind, I am sorry to any readers who feel they don't resonate with me now, who may think I'm to woo woo for them or who are thinking, "where has this come from". It's been a process and I have been scared almost, of changing my online presence in case I upset any of you, but I was only upsetting myself by not being who I really am meant to be at this moment. This hasn't suddenly happened, I have been keeping my inner thoughts to myself and now it's time to speak my truth, so if you don't like me or the things I am discussing then I am sure there are other wonderful blogs/social media sites who will fill up your heart with love, go find them and have a wonderful time.

Love Dotty x

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