Sunday, 24 July 2016

Grand central, alternative shopping Liverpool

I took the middle son to Liverpool the other day to have his passport interview, apparently everyone who applies for their first passport has to go, they asked him some simple questions and everyone who worked there was really nice. He was relived when it was over though, a bit nerve wracking for a quiet 18 year old. 

We went to eat in a veggie/vegan cafe called Egg, it has a boho vibe and a good menu with a big selection of hot dinners, snacks and cake. 
I opted for dragon pie and salad, there was loads and I couldn't finish it all. It was pretty nice, but I have tasted better to be honest. 
Round the corner was a really gorgeous building, plants grew from the rooftops and it had all sorts of art nouveau features. It is called Grand central and is an alternative shopping centre. 

The ceilings are amazing, everywhere you look are gorgeous features, amazing clothes, quirky shops and loads of colour. 

I was in boho heaven!
There are vintage, punk, goth, hippy shops and other shops in the basement ( I didn't go down to see as we had to stick to a time schedule. It's somewhere I will definitely go back to, to have a proper look round. 

Love Dotty xx

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