Monday, 4 July 2016

BBC good food show and gardeners world 2016 trip

We were blessed with tickets to go a see this years BBC Good Food show summer and Gardeners World at the NEC in Birmingham, after getting National Express and a train ( saves £10 doing it that way) and a really long walk through the NEC we came to the halls the shows are held in, a massive space with over 500 producers and brands, some stage areas, demonstrations and show gardens.

This Capability Brown enchanted tea party by Wyevale garden centres garden was my favourite, with its romantic roses and vintage tea setting.

I didn't realise until I got home and read the brochure that you could go onto this barge and it had flowers inside too, drat I missed it!

There was a large marquee full of gorgeous plants to buy and displays of products, some I have never seen before and if I had a few thousand could go wild!

Lots of mock gardens inside and out, I had a couple that I loved and some not so much but I was impressed with how everything looked so healthy and not floppy at all, like the flowers and plants had always been growing there.

How beautiful is this garland, I would love something like this for my wedding (no I'm not getting married, just fantasy wedding for now) designer Alexandra Froggatt did a wonderful job.

I am pretty impressed with my photography skills on this next shot, Mr Delightful loves bonsai maybe from his Karate kid addiction in the 80's or was it 90's? I forget anyway he loves them and want one of his own so I took a photo for him and it turned out really well.

This one is called urban nature and is based on a retired couple who downsized from their Cotswold country home and now live in Birmingham hahaha, the write ups are so funny. It is a cute garden though, I love the colour of the shed.

How fantastic are these clear globes, they remind me of massive bubbles. I love foxgloves and poppies and this cotton lavender that shows them off so beautifully.

Another part of the Capability Brown's garden, I love the way they have used an old fireplace and ohh look at the trailing ivy.

These Iris' are so vibrant, they had 100's on display of various gorgeous coloured flowers. Iris always remind me of fairies, I can imagine a fairy flying out of the middle of them. (maybe from Spiderwick chronicles, have you seen it, I adore it)

Another favourite section of Mr Delightfuls was the carnivorous plants, fly traps (poor flies) and pitcher plants abound.

We did have a lovely day and if you eat everything (like meat) then the food bit would be good too, because we are almost vegan it was not as impressive and to see certain chef's like the hairy bikers you had to pay extra which I thought was a shame.

All in though it was a good full day out, I slept most of the next day through being shattered and if I went again would spend the extra tenner to go the full journey on the coach, saves messing around with extra journeys.

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