Friday, 15 July 2016

Studio tour - dreams do come true

I am so happy that I actually cried today, I was overcome with gratitude because one of the dreams I have had for years came true, you know we moved to a new home in January and I was blessed with a room to be my studio, well Mr Delightful has been sharing the space as he is self employed too, until his office was redecorated, rewired etc, the past week he has worked hard getting it all ready and yesterday he moved out of my space into his own. He helped me moving furniture, building an ikea unit my friend donated, hanging rails etc and then today I got to do my favourite bit, sorting everything out and making it look pretty.

Welcome to my delightful studio:
click the photos to make them bigger.

I have always wanted a craft room for years, read all about it, and knew I wanted it in different zones because as well as being an artist I love to sew, make clothes and all sorts of handmade things from fabric and wool.

I have 3 'zones', an art area as you walk in the room, this has a big architect easel I have had for years, I actually found it in the back garden of an upstairs flat I lived in about 16 years ago. I watched for a week to see if anyone claimed it, but no one came so I dragged it up a flight of stairs in 2 pieces, it is really heavy and I don't know how I did it, sheer determination I guess!
I have all my art, scrapbooking, drawing, stamping stuff in this area.

I have a sewing 'zone', this part I am most happy and grateful for, because I don't have to put anything away now tbefore I use the table, I actually have a cutting table, and anyone who sews knows this is like pure gold.
The little white tubs on the wall are from Ikea, only 50p each too so really affordable and very handy.

I have 2 tables in an L shape for sewing on, a fantastic huge window which the sun shines through on a bright day, but it's been pouring down here all day. I am going to whizz up some curtains tomorrow with this gorgeous Rosali fabric and give the windows a good clean (if it's sunny)

I also have a computer 'zone', this is a brilliant piece of furniture because when you are not using it, it folds up so your computer is out of the way and your computer chair tidies away underneath. 
I want to give that lampshade a makeover soon too, I like the shape, but the fabric is a bit daggy.
I adore the wallpaper, and know I am boring you with it before, but it's so cheery and always makes me smile, the blue tits remind me of my mums garden.

Honestly, I don't know how to convey to you just how happy and grateful I am, I feel like it's almost a dream. For so long I used the dining table to work at, in a cramped and damp living/dining/storage room, I dreamed of one day being like the women on pinterest or on other blogs who I thought were so lucky to have such lovely places, I kept putting it out there to the universe, what I really desired and needed to get me to the next level in life.

I have done many things over the years, had shops, ran events, had wild ideas ( I still have them daily) but nothing has fitted just right, this though, this is the place at the moment I feel right in, this is where I feel I can let my creativity soar, and for that I feel like all my christmases, all the jewels in the world have come all at once.

Keep dreaming, keep believing, know in your heart that dreams do come true, I didn't know how I would end up with this beautiful studio, there have been weeks where I didn't eat so I could feed my boys (pre Mr Delightful), times where I burnt furniture on the coal fire because I couldn't afford fuel and I didn't want the boys to be cold, desperate times, times of despair, times where running away became an option, but I clung onto the hope that one day life would be how I dreamed, life would be so wonderful. That day is today. 
Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary and that is another law of attraction story with an amazing 10 years behind us, that I will tell tomorrow (or maybe the day after depending on if I get chance with all the kissing going on ;) 

I am so blessed with amazing people in my life who often donate fabric, buttons, wool, furniture ect to me to help me along the way. 

I may not be rich in money (yet) but I am rich in happiness, an amazing studio and home and love.

I wish for your dreams to come true.

Love Dotty xx


Sam King said...

It really is so beautiful! Filled with love and light and divine creativity from the maker themselves! I'm so happy for you! Now stop kissing and get to work! Lol xxx

Sam King said...

It really is so beautiful! Filled with love and light and divine creativity from the maker themselves! I'm so happy for you! Now stop kissing and get to work! Lol xxx

Dotty Delightful said...

haha thanks Sam!, never enough time for kissing ;)