Monday, 21 May 2012

angels calling?

Lately I have been thinking alot about angels, I have been painting and drawing them, I was brought up a christian and have always known angels exist, as I got older I moved away from religion and still dont follow one "god". I believe in angels, in mother nature, in being kind to others, trying to be a good person. I do think angels protect you and watch over you, I'm not sure if we are allocated an angel each or if its some relative that has died and now is your guardian, I do know they are bless and make me feel safe. I have been engrossed in all things to do with the goddess circle, have you heard of it?, if not pop over and have a look round, were all very friendly and there are some awesomely positive affermations, videos, courses, meditations and so much more. Since joining the circle a few weeks ago I feel so much calmer and in tune with my body, I know this may sound like fairy talk (as my boys often tell me I'm saying ) but its true, I feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, I have written an e-book, this is the first one I have done and it excited me so much, I just need to find out how to put it on my website which is currently having a makeover to go along with my transformation. It's called " A beautiful you, from inside out"I can't wait to share it with you gorgeous ladies
For now I will leave you with the amazing Leonie

* Thats my little boy in the top picture, if you would like me to transform your child into a little angel, email me at all I need is for you to email me a favourite photo of your child, I will email you back with payment details, its £9.99 per photo for the first 2 photos, anymore after that and its only £5.99 per photo. I will then do my magic and email you your own little angel photograph back within 3 days (5 if I'm super busy - but I would let you know in advance). You get to keep all rights to the finished product, I will not use your photo for any promotion etc. Plus the best thing is you can re-use your photo as many times as you like, you can print it, coo over it, share it with family and friends!

Lots of love and sunshine x

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