Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lovely day for the beach

In the gorgeous unusual sunshine we went to the beach, I've live in this seaside town of Blackpool for 36 years, when I was a kid we used to spend all summer on the beach but as I got older the visits dwindled and now we are lucky if we go twice a year. I'm guessing when you have something there you take it for granted really which is a massive shame because we had the nicest time. It was so relaxing listening to the noise of the sea and feeling the sun warm my face. At one point I even took my docs off and had a paddle, the water was so cold but really pleasant and refreshing. I would of loved to paddle more but with a bunkers puppy running round in circles and jumping up at me I thought it best not too, hope your having a fabulous week, make the most of the sun, this is probably our summer!!

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