Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mmmm food

Did I mention I love food?, I think about it morning noon and night, when I wake I wonder what we can have for dinner that night!
It's not always been this way though, many years ago I was in a bad, destructive relationship where my partner called me fat everyday, I hated my body, I hated feeling ugly and in that frame of mind blamed myself and eating. Somewhere all reason left my brain and went against everything the sensible me knew and each time I ate, I would get terrible stomach pains and be sick, sometimes on particularly bad days I would make myself sick. This cycle went in for about a year, until one day my toddler ate his lunch and then went to the bin and made hurling sounds, I asked what he was doing and he said "mummy does it" it was like a massive slap in my face, like someone had just woken me up from a hideous self absorbed dream. I knew then and there it was not me and my body that had to change it was my relationship. It did, I threw him out, not just because of the name calling, there was lots of other reasons including violence. It was hard, I was frightened, I was a single parent of 3 small boys all under 5. But do you know it was the best decision I ever made.
I was free to be me, it took lots of soul searching, late nights being drunk, spending days on end with my friends talking, laughing and having fun. I had support off my sister and friends, I still didn't love my body, even though it was so wonderful to have carried 3 children, in my mind I was still overweight, I wouldn't let boyfriends see my stomach ( full of stretch marks and jelly like) fast forward 9 years I met the man of my dreams, he loves every part of me, I let him not only see my tummy but he kisses and cuddles it. I am happy with this body of mine, it does a wonderful job, yes there are bits I would change if I had a magic wand but I can live with them.
Our food has become healthy, organic (mostly), full of goodness. We are dairy, gluten, chemical, preservative, additive free. We don't eat anything with soy in it, or palm oil unless we know it has come from a sustainable source. We only eat higher welfare meat when we can afford it, if not we eat quorn or veggies.
We feel good, we love cooking and baking ( although a bigger kitchen would be a blessing!) we love eating!.
I have been thinking of writing an ebook with all that I have learned about food over the past couple of years, I want to share my knowledge because I don't think lots of parents actually realise what is in the food they are giving to their children. I'm not just talking e numbers here either. I have research it thoroughly as my oldest child is on the autistic spectrum and the doctors wanted him medicated but I refused ( whole other story! ) so I began researching alternatives and what I found was astonishing.
I realised that all the family would benefit by changing what we eat.
Eczema, asthma and colds have disappeared for our house, my partners thyroid problem is cured, our skin, nails and hair are all healthy and strong.
So dear readers would you be interested in buying an in-depth ebook on this priced $29?
Please leave me a comment and let me know if it's worth writing, remember love your body for all it's quirks and flaws it's you, it keeps you alive, it's special and unique just like you xxx


glenn said...

It would be a great book to write,i know all about nutrition as i had to change my diet and my dads as we he got overweight and he had bladder cancer so changed diet to boost his immune system,he is healthy now though.But i am sure it would maybe do well on amazon,yes you can sell your ebooks there,but most are priced around 6 or 7 pound dotty i think,love and cookies,glenn.

glenn said...

I think your life story would be a great book to write to,amazing how you got the strength to get away from that relationship with 3 toddlers and create the great and lovely happy life you have now to,this could help tens of thousands of people needing guidance to get away from similar situations and move on to,love and candy floss,glenn

Dotty Delightful said...

Thanks Glenn for your feedback