Monday, 2 April 2012

Busy life of a new mum

No I haven't had a miracle pregnancy, we got a puppy!, hence my dissapearance from blog land. His name is Badger. Gosh I thought it would be all fun and games, I imagined this perfect life where the children frolicked in the garden with the dog and I had more time to create and just get on with an outdoorsy life.! Pah!! What a fool I was thinking that, it's just like having a newborn except you can catch wee in a nappy with a newborn and if you put it in one place it tends to stay there, with new puppy my hours are spent crying, trying to get him outside to wee, checking he's not chewing wires/chairs/clothing/hands etc the list is endless, ferrying him from one place to another depending in what task I'm trying to get in with. Plus having to cope with an erratic 13 year old who is petrified of him (same child that wanted a dog!) he stays locked behind doors/barricades/walls etc and will only stroke the dog if he is being held. I rang up a dog training woman to come out and help him get over his fear, she laughed so hard on the phone at me!
Anyway the main things I enjoy are his walks although he stops for every person he sees in the hopes of a cuddle and if they ignore him he cries!, I also enjoy when he's asleep on my knee, saves putting the heating in and his snoring makes me sleepy, not that I need help with being tired seen as though he wakes up at knob head o clock for wees! I'm not sure if we have done the right thing getting a dog to be honest, I thought we had thought it through, we're responsible adults who discussed it carefully but still I'm in shock of how little I can get in with at the moment, puppies are a lot more work than you imagine.
On the upside he is cute and people keep telling me he will be easier when he's older but I've heard that about children and I'm still waiting!!!


rosieposie said...

We had the same problem when we got a puppy, we discussed it all, read all we needed to, got all of his things in place, but god we were so knackered by the hard work - hubby had to babysit while I got on with various other jobs and as he is the one who is ill with m.s., he went right downhill. You would imagine we would have known this would happen but with my rose tinted glasses I had hoped the children would look after puppy rather than their dad. But the same thing happened with our kids they never came near as they were scared of getting bitten. Puppy went on to live on a farm in the end, as he was just too much for us, Keep with it, I think on reflection we would have been better with an older dog, but in years to come you will have a faithful companion.

FeltLikeStitchin said...

Awwww but he's so cute! He'll be worth all the hard work, I'm sure he's going to be a great companion:)