Saturday, 28 April 2012

be a radiant goddess

As you already know if you read my blog often, is that I adore Godess leonie, her website is aimed at all women and girls to become even more fabulous than you are now. Her videos are uplifting and her smile is infectious. So you can imagine how excited and please I was to recieve an email with her new radiant goddess programme on it! The Radiant Goddess e-course is a 21 day journey to discovering the radiant goddess in you. This e-course comes with nutrition and movement plans, meditations, a recipe plan & soulful goddess projects to help you shine all over: mind, body and spirit! This is perfect if you’re ready to be moving, meditating, eating & discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way. Ready to feel blissed out, inspired & radiant?

I really can't wait for this to start, I love the energy and happiness I get after being on Goddess Leonies website, its like a big virtual hug x

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