Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A bit better

Today me and my fellow had a big heart to heart about Badger, it was hard and filled with tears but we have decided to keep him and I will get more help with him which is a nice relief as I felt I had too much to do, Chris has been better today with the dog, he has been stroking him and even had him in his knee so that's a blessing. My fellow took the day off work and it's been great just enjoying Badger instead of stressing out.
My eldest has applied for a job, I don't mention him to much as our relationship is strained, he's 17, has aspergers and is very awkward to talk to. I have my fingers crossed he gets it to elevate the tension.
I have a craft fair coming up on Saturday at Cedar Farm which is a lovely day out, I'm hoping it will be a busy one with it being Easter, here's a photo of my stall from last week

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