Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Cheery things on a rainy wednesday....

Awesome finds to make a smile come on your face in this pissy October here in Blighty, best of all this stuff is FREE, oh yeah we all like a bargain and with Xmas on its way and no spare pennies, we like free things best off all.

Lovely, warm snuggly songs, full albums to download actually all for free and legit, I especially love this soundtrack for listening to with the kids, we listen to it at lunch and it keeps everyone cheery, it's a bit like feeling stoned without the drugs!! Have a good look around Brian Gossett's site, it's great.......

Art posters to download and print off, these are top notch pictures from really talented artists, Feed your soul, the free art site really does, for me anyway and I'm sure it will for you too....

102 free mandalas - what's a mandala?,

To relax and to improve concentration, there are many things that can be done. One of these is, in peace or with soft background music, to colour in a Mandala.
Mandala more or less means "circle" or "centre". Shapes and patterns are added to a clearly calming centre point.

•Mandalas are healing mediums for the soul
•Mandalas are the merging of body, spirit and soul
•They uncover your own creativity
•You discover yourself and the real you
•You master your every day life and stress easier
•You become calm and gain trust and composure

Children love these and spend ages colouring them, they look great hung back to back like a wind chime, or sun catcher.

Lovely Bella Dia has the most delectable blog filled with pretty things and here I found this crochet heart tutorial, I haven't tried it out yet but it is on my to do list!

(image from Bella Dia's site)

On this site you have to register, but that won't take long and you can get you hands on some great free patterns for sewing, Burda style -for people who sew I love the tag line on this site - you have arrived at your kind of candy store!

Free printable paper toys, this lovely children's site by Marylin takes me back years, all you need is a printer, paper and scissors to get cracking at making your own paper toys, I especially loved making the mermaid puppet theatre

(image from Marylin's site)

Hope you all have lots of fun, smiles and enjoyment from these sites, who by the way have nothing to do with me, I just find these things whilst surfing the virtual ocean ;)

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