Wednesday, 24 November 2010

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Well it's been a while since I last posted but not because we have been doing anything really exciting, just because of my rubbish time management skills - yeah I know it shouldn't really take long to write a post but you see each time I sit down to write one I find other peoples blogs more interesting to read oh and then I check facebook like a lonely teenager with spots who has no friends, just to see if anyone still wants to talk to me, which most of the time they don't or I end up reading other peoples status' which sometimes can be amusing but I hate the ones that say things like "right I'm off to work" -SO BLOODY WHAT!, maybe just for fun I will put "right I'm off for a poo, oh and I ate breakfast today and got some post etc", it is the voyeur in all of us though that looks at such sites, I wonder sometimes if these sites are actually bad for the already twisted nation, like the woman who was so obsessed with farmville (a shitty farm game) on FB that she smothered her baby to death because it was crying and it was interrupting her time on the game.
I do love blogs though, they are so inspiring, uplifting, funny, and awesome. I have so many on my favourite list I need at least a day to read them all, I think I am officially a blog hoarder.
We made a little terrarium for a caterpillar we found at the park, Chris carefully collected things he thought the caterpillar would like to keep him cosy including some lovely soft moss and a twig to make his cocoon on. That was 2 weeks ago and I haven't seen the caterpillar since, I don't think he is dead or an escapee though, probably just hiding somewhere.

The boys love drawing, Adam especially is very talented and I don't just say that because I'm his mum either!. He wants to be a comic illustrator when he's all grown, he draws the most comical pictures.

Chris loves getting tips off Adam with his drawing, it's lovely to see them in full concentration, with hair not brushed and a complete tip of an art desk (mine) behind them!

I have been drawing designs by candlelight (not because the ellecy had run out, just because it's cosy) for an embroidery commission I am doing for a lovely lady, it has been great doing something so girly with 3 boys running around the house. The close up sewing has been affecting my eyes though, I pick up my new glasses tomorrow, they are proper geeky and black, I love them, the boys said I looked a real nerd when I went for a fitting so I'm glad, that's the effect I'm going for, my youngest asked me "what if Tom (bf) doesn't love you anymore when he sees you", bless him.

This is the face of a boy who has been told he can't go on his console as he has lightening homeschool to do! I had to put it on so when he is nosey and wants to see my blog he can find this hideous photo of himself ;) HELLO ADAM
I have loads of Christmas gift making to do, I have to make loads of things for a Christmas fair I am doing in dec, I have only 1 present made for family and I just want to curl up in front of the fire, we finally got our chimney pot put on, so it works now, and crochet granny squares. Not that I'm very good but I read this tutorial from Julia Crossland's blog, I found her in a search and I'm so pleased I did, her blog is lovely, she is a very talented illustrator, go have a peek but beware, you will be there for ages. She is also having a Christmas giveaway because she reached 300+ followers - wowee.
I have also been loving Kristie's homemade home, the good life, ugly betty, the walking dead and desperate housewives whilst I knit away when the boys are all tucked up in bed, candles glowing, fire crackling and too many cakes and biscuits to nibble on.
Have a lovely week xxx

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