Monday, 31 May 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder - I hope!!

Sorry for the dreadful delay in posting, I have been full of cold, busy painting, lots of other stuff which is a bit boring and trying to find a house to move too, anyway today is the day in between making dinner and tidying up for a thank you post. You see I took part in crafty helen's fabric swap
My swap partner was Kazzy from A mermaids purse who has a lovely blog and is a very talented illustrator, so can you imagine my delight when my parcel arrived wrapped in cath kidston wrapping paper and I opened it to find this beautiful fairy girl drawn onto fabric, Oh my saints and souls, I was thrilled. I'm half way through making it into a lamp shade, just perfect for my sewing corner.
I also received this lovely hand crafted textile card and this lovely tin which has a friends poem written on the lid, so lovely. Inside it had little lavender mice which are now hanging in my wardrobe to keep the moths at bay, some fabric cut out hearts and ribbons, wooden hearts too.

loads of delightful girly fabric, I'm loving this felt toadstool scene too, I have a cardie I may sew it onto.

Beautiful, THANK YOU KAZZY!!!!!!!

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a mermaids purse said...

awww thats a sweet blog posting- made my heart skip! glad you liked the fabric swapsie treats! ;0)x
Its so 'jinxy' that you are making the fiary print material into a lamp shade as i did that at uni in my halls of residence- that makes me smile that you had the same idea! ;0)xxxx best wishes dear friend xxxx