Sunday, 16 May 2010

my lovely boy

My youngest boy Chris is such a funny boy, he makes me smile everyday, he is kind and thoughtful and rather mischievous, he comes out with some cracking things and I wish I had kept a note book with all the funny things he has said. I love his joyous grin and the way he pulls funny faces and the way hes a great dancer when no one apart from me is watching. At the moment his 'thing' is the trampoline, he's really good at it, unlike me who weed quite a bit every time I bounced or Tom who went all dizzy for days after being on it. I videoed him jumping up so high and giggling to himself as he did, He kept shouting for me to watch him do a different trick and at that moment as I watched and snapped away with the camera the thought occurred to me that this little boy will soon be a teenager, soon be grown up and soon won't be calling "mum come see" anymore, at that moment when minutes before I had been laughing with him I felt a sadness, a worry an empty feeling of longing for him to be small always and I remember telling my mum when I was little that I never wanted to grow up, I never wanted to leave home, and that I promised I would always hug her and live with her forever.
My lovely jumping bean has said the same to me at night when we snuggle and share a story and I can't tell him its not true because right now, at this moment he is small and I will appreciate every hug and laugh we share for I know the truth that one day it won't be the same x


a mermaids purse said...

awww bless such a lovely thing to say...i share your little sweetpea who is 3 seems at such a wonderful age where everything she does is new and exciting and life seems happy and carefree...its hard when they reach teenage years cos life starts to change and they have to grow up!- though i dont think i ever have i still have a very child like aproach to life- we live in a world with alot of problems alot of things to worry about and i think mothers today do just feel that need to protect and keep their kids children for as long as one can ;0)xx
you have a lovely boy- enjoy all your precious moments x

Laura said...

You have a lovely blog. Sweet pictures of your son . xx