Monday, 17 May 2010

lovely, lovelies

I have been a busy bee, making and doing, I had, had enough of the chunky winter curtain that hung at the kitchen window blocking out the sunshine (it is good for keeping drafts out too!) and whizzed a quick replacement up with a vintage pillowcase and some lovely lace and 3 gingham hens...
the pics don't show but I hand embroidered the combs and wattles on and some tail feathers too, I had been saving this material for ages for the perfect make and I'm glad I did it on this, it cheers me up each time I wander into our tiny kitchen.

I have also been out and about rummaging in charity shops, which I will be honest have been disappointing of late, too overpriced or filled with not very good stuff. So imagine my delight dear readers when I found a new charity shop had opened just around the corner from me!!

Some of my bargains..... this woolen next cape was £1 - can you believe it, the brand new balls of wool are only 50p, and craft mags are 10p........see now why I'm excited!

I also got some lovely books for me and the boys, there were so many to choose from.......

Imagine the look on the boys faces when mummy declared "ooh boys, look what I got for home school" and showed them the learn french record, they smiled sweetly and said "gee thanks mum", actually that's a big, fat lie, they screwed up their faces and shouted "were not listening to that". But alas one day I shall play it, maybe whilst we eat lunch so they are stuck at the table and can't escape hehe.
Have any of you been watching over the rainbow?, my faves went out a few weeks ago but I'm a little bit addicted to it, much to the horror of the rest of the family - I'm the only girl remember, I love the clothes and shoes and the sad fact that if you press the ruby red button on your zapper you can sing-a-long- much to the horror of my neighbours, but who cares eh as long as I don't have to perform in front of THE LORD der,der derrrrr.


FeltLikeStitchin said...

I love those curtains - very rustic:)
The new charity shop sounds wonderful - we only have 2 and they're both a little overpriced, sometimes it's cheaper to shop in Primark lol!

Pippa said...

Those bargains are brilliant! I love your blind too, really pretty.