Monday, 1 March 2010

Manchester museum and bread

We went to Manchester museum, after missing the first train, forgetting my money, not realising the museum shuts early on a Monday so we had to leave early and miss loads plus standing all the way home on a very packed train, we did have a good day! We saw things like this HUGE crab and Darwin's life story, which helped us get a theme going for home school, ancient weapons and native American clothing, mummy's in the Egypt section, this cool new section with a wood and these huge flowers in jars, I loved the colour scheme and think it would look great in a bedroom or play room,
We looked around the animal part which houses loads of different species and we saw animals that I had never heard of before, we took pictures of the boys in the same spot as last time we came about 6 years years ago, when we came home we compared them to our original photos, you know I think its great having a digital camera but I do miss the excitement of taking a film in to be processed and when you go a few days later to pick them up and having a tangible thing to put in an album.

Tom loved it especially the wolf, I think the wolf is his spirit guide animal, mine I think is the polar bear, I read a book on it from the library and it is an interesting subject, I would love to look at it in more depth.

We didn't get to look at the living animals so we want to go back soon to finish it off. On the way to the museum on Oxford Rd we came across a vegetarian store and cafe - wow, I would love it to be nearer to home, it was so refreshing to not feel like the odd shopper and to see so many familiar items. We did a suma coop shop the other week and its been great, the only trouble is the storage of all the bulk packs, we have the tinest kitchen and so its all on shelves in our bedroom - how romantic!
The other thing I have been doing is using my bread maker - I really don't know why I didn't buy one sooner, its so good having fresh bread every day, the trouble is, it's so good we end up eating the full loaf for lunch!. I'm not very impressed with my slow cooker though, maybe I haven't got the hang of it or haven't used a good recipe yet but I find it a waste of time messing with it.
Still looking every chance I get for a house in the countryside to rent, we can't wait to move from here so the boys can have fresh air and space to run around, we would love to be somewhere green!

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