Friday, 5 March 2010

Lancaster and spring at last!

Yippee the sun has finally returned in all its glory, what a beautiful few days it has been, we took the bus to Lancaster and it was a long lovely drive, we saw loads of sheep and a few lambs but for me because we live in a grey town, the green of the hills and trees made me feel so happy.We went to Williamson Park, which is Lancaster's biggest park high on a hill that overlooks the town and it was so clear we could see the lake district in the distance, the sea far off and Lancaster castle. We went to the top of the folly, a grand building that was built in 1909 by Lord Ashton, some say for his wife who died.
You can get married in Ashton memorial but I wouldn't fancy coming down the steps in a gown.
We went into the butterfly house and it was so hot but amazing seeing the huge butterflies, the boys however were taken with the turtles and sat for ages watching them bask on a rock.

This is an owl butterfly, it was bigger than my hand and it stayed in the same spot all the time we was in there.

Me outside after our picnic in the woodland, there were so many robins, blue tits and sparrows hopping around whilst we ate, birds singing in the background and warm sun flickering through the trees, it was such a lovely feeling to be outside and not freezing or in a rush to get home.
there are great hills and trees for climbing on, a park for younger ones and a lake that was still frozen, the park is that big we didn't see all of it, we went into the town to the museum because the boys like the metal soldier's!

I feel truly blessed that we had a good day and after a hot bath full of rose petals and some yoga
I slept like a log, happy spring xx

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