Friday, 25 February 2011

sneak peeks

I love looking a photos of other peoples homes and know there is a flicker group called corners of my home which I have spent many an hour looking at when I probably should of been doing something else! I thought my post today would be what I would like to see on a blog, so here goes.....
 My bedroom, I made the patchwork bedspread, the cushions, the bunting, headboard, crochet blanket (just seen on bed)
 youngest sons bedroom, we just decorated it recently, it did have a full jungle mural that I painted for him but now he is a bit older and for ease I just painted everything antique cream, this is a tree he brought home from the park 3 years ago, he's got birds, dreamcatchers he's made, beaded strings and his last two cuddly toys in it.
 another bit of youngest son's room, he loves collecting things, especially warhammer
 middle sons bedroom, he loves bionicles and xbox games!
 our tiny kitchen, I'm guessing in the past it was actually a pantry as it's so small, I'm actually stood at the door taking this photo!
 welcome to out hallway, note the cath kidston bags...all freebies with magazines, I would just love a real one ;) .The indian bridal hanging came of ebay, it's so lovely, full of embroidery...
Up our stairs, all paintings done by me at various times, our walls have been painted all sorts of colours over the years but now I'm doing something I thought I would never do and that's paint everywhere antique cream, it looks so much calmer and tidy, but I do love colour so much. I love all sorts of styles too, shabby chic, retro glam, art deco, all eras, in fact I have always thought how cool it would be to own a street of houses and decorate each one, filling it with furniture of each time period and then when the feeling takes you could stay in the 40s house, or live it up in the 70's house etc. Which interiors period do you love?
This site is so worth checking out for this unusual and very awesome house


Róisín said...

I love looking at other people's homes to, so this post was great! Love your decor :) Oh, and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, they made me day! Lovely to meet you,
Roisin x

moonshinejunkyard said...

awww, i am so glad you found me so that now i could find YOU! your house is beautiful and that quilt you made is my DREAM QUILT, the colors and fabrics are the stuff of my cloudy cotton candy dreams. so excited to see all the crafty stuff you are up to. woo hoo, new blogs are fun!

Liz said...

Found you via GP forum , your bed looks beautiful and very inviting.
Liz x