Friday, 11 March 2011

Friends are like flowers....

I have been thinking a lot lately about how friendships are a lot like flowers, some bloom and grow over time, years even, like reliable perennials and others are like garage bought carnations, lovely at the time but don't last very long. I have always thought I am a good friend, I'm always available in a crisis, I think I'm a good listener, I'm funny so Ive been told and do make others laugh, I'm reliable and trustworthy. On the down side I'm late for almost everything and I am opinionated, perhaps I like giving advice about things a little too much, maybe this bugs people but I can't help being passionate about issues that are dear to me. At least I can take a step back and realise where my friendship skills are shaky. What I don't understand is why friends can't be honest with each other, if I talk too much about things instead of laughing at me behind my back, point this out to me, instead of having a good old gossip about the way I live with others, say it to my face, if you can't do that then I think the friendship has wilted and died off just like my snowdrops are doing in the garden right now. I won't feel bitter or bad, I will feel saddened because the friend I thought I had found didn't turn out to be a perennial after all.

On a much lighter note whilst trying to be creative with the small amount of food we had in one morning I made breakfast pizza, the children thought it was a novel idea and my fellow thought I had gone a little crazy, I made a spelt pizza base and added baked beans, a chopped up boiled egg and some very tasty organic bacon from Able and Cole, we have it as a treat about once a fortnight and it is so good, I made another breakfast pizza too, it had mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and beans on it, I and the rest of the family couldn't believe how tasty and filling it was. It's surprising what us mamma's come up with when there is little in the cupboards.

We also went to Showzam, a fab carnival that comes to Blackpool each year, it's so good in the way it takes you back to the circus/travelling shows of years ago when they had things like the flea circus and the amazing half woman. This year the boys loved the fire eaters and a magician who was an amazing juggler. I loved this:
I didn't know what to expect but the compare told us the story of how they had captured the butterfly girl in the Amazon and brought her back, he warned all the males not to catch her eye because she will transfix you with her beauty, when the curtains opened it was a lady who was on a swing with a butterfly pod instead of legs and big wings, they had done the background to look like it carried on forever, it was very clever, the compare was a really good story teller too which made it more real. I just love the artwork on the board.

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Becks said...

So sorry you have had your heart saddened over friendships you held dear. I find it very hard to make friends and once had a very good fiend (or so I believed) s**t on me from a great height. I tend to stick with virtual friendships now....
I think we may have seen the insect show in your photo. The boys loved it and Cain had to keep going back in over and over.
Blessings to you and yours.