Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I like a russian cushion!

A quick catch up, we had a great enrichment day at the zoo with the monkeys but it was freezing cold so we didn't stick around long, in fact the weather has been rather rubbish, mother nature if your listening we would like some sunshine please!.

 I have been planting chilli's, basil, coriander, peppers and lots of flowers including sunflowers and verbena, which I adore for it's vivid purple flowers. I bought 2 small rhubarb plants and hopefully will get out into the garden soon to plant them. We have moved our pond now to make way for Tom's medicine herb garden. It all looked great but the neighbours cats have taken to pooing right next to it, I did ask for some lion poo from the zoo but wasn't allowed!

I have been busy making hings to sell on misi and to sell at a craft fair coming up in march. These Russian style babushka dolls have been in my head for ages and I just cracked on and made them, I also made a bag too with an appliqued one on but haven't got a photo yet. These 2 lovely ladies are on sale in my misi (link on right hand side of this page), now for £12.00 each, do you think this is an OK price?, I'm rubbish at pricing up stuff I make.
I'm not liking the new blogger type layout for writing new posts, I can't seem to make it go in the middle-Grrr.
I received a great permaculture book off one of the lovely ladies over at green parent, it's really good and I'm sure it will come in handy as the redesign goes on with our garden, ooh I also found some lovely wooden window frames in a skip just perfect for making my Alys Fowler style greenhouse!
I have just started reading the lovely bones as recommended by another friend, I'm liking it so far but it seems I hardy get the chance to read a full book lately, I'm always spending my spare time in cyber land, maybe if the solar storm hits and we lose our ability to connect with the cable our lives will become less virtual!

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